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Etam Shines Spotlight on Sophie Hallette
Posted by amy | July 28, 2011

You may not be familiar with Sophie Hallette, but if you have a taste for couture lingerie then you probably have this label in your undies drawer without even knowing it.

Sophie Hallette is one of France’s largest and most esteemed lace-makers and supplier to many of the world’s great fashion houses and lingerie labels. In the past year alone, the 120-year-old dentellière has …

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Lascivious Gives Itself A Makeover
Posted by richard | July 27, 2011

There’s so much going on in the new AW 2011-12 collection from Lascivious that it comes with instructions.

Not exactly a how-to-wear-it guide, but a simple, self-explanatory accessory — a gift bow with a dangling gunmetal chain that leads to small heart-shaped charm (below). And on the charm is etched a single word: “Enjoy”. Attach it to your bra or wear it as a …

How To Make Rupert Murdoch Blush
Posted by richard | July 26, 2011

The News of the World may be gone forever, but the public shaming of Rupert Murdoch and his cronies continues to gather momentum.

Now, a sexy German lingerie brand has used the scandal surrounding the Murdoch media empire to its own advantage, with a marketing campaign that taunts Murdoch, his son James and former NOTW editor Rebekah Brooks.

Blush-Berlin and its ad agency Glow Berlin

The inaugural UK Lingerie Awards seemed like a timely idea when they were announced a couple of months ago. There’s been a tremendous explosion of creativity in the British lingerie industry over the past decade, fueled by an intensely competitive market and college programs that routinely turn out skilled and ambitious graduates. The big high street brands keep refreshing and expanding their offerings, and a …

Some people aren’t quite sure what to do with themselves after college. But not Daisy Hartmann and Elizabeth NeSmith. The Brooklyn duo couldn’t wait to graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology so they could get down to the serious business of creating their own lingerie and swimwear label.

The result is Daisy & Elizabeth, a hip and original collection of eco-conscious separates …

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