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DPT’s Catchy Urban Art Prints
Posted by nadine | June 6, 2011

One doesn’t think of underground or urban art as a likely inspiration for couture lingerie, but the very contemporary UK label Dirty Pretty Things somehow makes it work.

DPT this spring introduced a limited capsule collection featuring the “Life Ain’t Black and White” …

Heaven knows it’s hard enough interpreting the signals given off by teens and college-age singles. And you don’t want your underwear adding to the confusion.

That’s the idea behind the “conversation underwear” recently introduced by What Would Your Mother Do?

The California label with the …

Remember the nervous thrill of going for a swim in your undies because you didn’t have a bathing suit handy? In fact, haven’t we all been to high school or college pool parties where swimsuits were just, ahem, unnecessary?

Well, the growing trend of …

Maya Hansen is still a bit of an unknown in North America, but the Spanish corsetière and her breathtaking ensembles are finally getting some of the attention they deserve.

Hansen’s forthcoming fall collection, Queens of Spain, received major exposure last week when Lady Gaga …

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