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If you’re a dreamy romantic, love fashion and have a flair with shears and a sewing needle, there’s probably no better career choice than becoming a lingerie designer.

It’s certainly working well for Liya Amar, the creative force behind the hot Israeli label La

Else Lingerie Coming To Victoria’s Secret
Posted by richard | June 9, 2011

Victoria’s Secret is giving a boost to another up-and-coming designer label. The retail giant will be offering two sets from the Turkish brand Else Lingerie beginning in September.

Both are from the fall release in Else’s Chevron collection of directional (literally!) silk lingerie featuring geometric …

Made By Niki’s Wicked ‘String Thing’
Posted by richard | June 9, 2011

It’s impossible to understand the genius of Made By Niki‘s new String bodysuit until you hold it in your hands, watch the light glint off its shimmering strands, and feel it slip between your fingers like a soft, sexy Slinky.

It’s a remarkable piece …

Elkin is a brand new label out of L.A.-via-Paris that has a lot of things going for it: a memorable name, a surprisingly large debut collection for Fall 2011, an admirable charity tie-in, and a very on-trend aesthetic that is worth exploring in detail.

Founded …

Posted in Elkin

It’s been called lingerie-as-outerwear and underwear-as-outerwear and even inner-outerwear.

But while fashion writers and editors fumble over what to call it, the outer-undies movement is this year’s most inescapable summer style trend. Lingerie is everywhere, and it’s out there for everyone to see.

Celebrities …

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