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It’s T-shirt time again, and the quest for the perfect T-shirt bra is well underway for most women. The goal? To find the bra that will blend beautifully under clothes and give the appearance of having perfect breasts. The challenge? Finding that smooth padded cup …

A Wool Bra For Summer? Why Not?
Posted by amy | June 15, 2011

Yes, you’re looking at a wool bra and, yes, it comes from Canada, although I assure you this is not traditional summer wear for most northern girls.

The very idea of creating and marketing a wool bra in spring or summer seems a bit crazy, …

Finding flattering swimwear that makes you feel comfortable, beautiful, and yes, sexy, can be a challenge for every woman, but it seems to be an even bigger one for many plus-sized lovelies.

The problem isn’t just that plus-size options are far fewer than those …

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Bordelle Expands Its Bad Girl Catalogue
Posted by richard | June 13, 2011

The good folks over at Bordelle know a thing or two about the art of teasing, but I wish they’d stop playing peek-a-boo when they release a new collection.

The hugely admired, trendsetting London label released these images last week to show off its forthcoming …

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Sarda’s Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
Posted by amy | June 13, 2011

The Spanish celebrity Rossy de Palma isn’t well known over here, but in Europe she’s an iconic figure, an actress with a punk attitude and a dramatic appearance that has made her a fixture on the fashion scene.

She famously starred in Pedro Almodovar‘s …

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