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There’s a certain logic in the lingerie industry that says fall is the time to put away your brights and whites and settle in for another long winter of dark underthings.

But Princesse Tam Tam, the eternally chic cult label from Paris, is having none of that. PTT has just released these campaign shots for its Autumn-Winter collection, and it’s clear they’re not ready to let go of the summer vibe just yet.

The new PTT line, called ‘Palace and Poetry‘, offers a lot of variety in a color palette that seems to straddle the seasons: from the rich velvety look of the Ruby set (above) to the creamy art deco look of Gaby (first image below). Who says you can’t wear white after Labor Day?

Beyond that, PTT offers sets in a satiny rose (Taquine), prints like the Milano, a glittering gold (and aptly named) Celebrity line, and the burnt orange of the new Make Up set, which recalls one of the nicest shades in its current Spring-Summer line.

The best attributes of the new collection, though, can be seen in the tulle Pensive set in a very fall-friendly mauve (two photos below). Princesse Tam Tam takes the super-trendy high-waisted granny pants and turns them into something downright coquettish, thanks to the lace trim and the ruching in the rear.

You’ll find lots of gathers and pleats and ruching in this very on-trend collection, which will being reaching PTT stockists next month.

As for the collection’s name, a clue can be found in the set called Palace Princesse: a bit daring, a bit glam, and just right for spoiled girls on the make. This may be the first royal lingerie collection aimed at all you Pippas out there, instead of all you Kates.

A new Princesse Tam Tam collection is always something to savor, so enjoy the images below. Hover over (or click on) each photo to learn the item’s name.

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