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La Fée Verte’s Colorful Set for Shopbop
Posted by richard | June 23, 2011

The first thing you notice about La Fée Verte‘s exclusive new collection for Shopbop is … color! … and prints!

The hot luxury label from Montreal has built its reputation on gorgeous, color-blocked silk-and-lace pieces, usually in dusky or neutral hues.

But LFV’s capsule set for Shopbop finds designer Adam Sakara getting playful with some edgy silk prints while still retaining LFV’s signature look of soft, seductive lounging pieces that drape beautifully.

The La Fée Verte for Shopbop collection comprises five looks, including a slinky black slip and silk romper that are consistent with LFV’s past creations. The standouts, though, are the original prints: the Tribal tank and shorts (above) with a striped print on a sheer pale gray background; the Electric Feel tank and short (below) with its jolt of infrared color on lush purple background; and the Python silk robe in a snakeskin print.

That small splash of color instantly gives La Fée Verte some fashion-forward cachet, and it’s a hint of things to come: the Shopbop line is something of a preview for LFV’s full collection for Spring 2012 which, we’re told, will include a large variety of silk prints.

Being asked to do an exclusive line for Shopbop is a significant coup for the young label: not only is the Amazon-owned Shopbop a major fashion e-tailer, but it’s also picky about who it includes in its carefully curated inventory of trend-conscious luxury brands. This is a good crowd for any brand to be among.

The new La Fée Verte set will show up on the e-tailer’s site in about a week. Watch for it! In the meantime, La Fée Verte’s Spring-Summer 2011 collection is in stores and several online shops (including Shopbop) now.

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  1. Miss Kitty Plum says:

    I love the little robe.

    I don’t think you see enough prints in nightwear. I love them and colour too!

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