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If Liana Artinian‘s dream comes true, her brand new lingerie label will improve the lives of women around the world — and not just in the romance department.

GlobLove, which debuts on Wednesday with a gala launch party in Montreal, has aligned itself with the micro-lending agency FINCA International, which provides business loans to women entrepreneurs in some of the world’s poorest countries. GlobLove will contribute 5% of its earnings to FINCA at the start, but Artinian has her sights set on a loftier goal.

“Success for me will mean being sustainable enough to be able to give a bigger portion of profits to FINCA,” she said. “I’d like to be able to give 20 percent.”

For Artinian, a 31-year-old Montreal native, the launch of GlobLove and her partnership with FINCA are the result of years of traveling and working as a buying agent in Asia for other brands. She lived in China for three years and toured Asia extensively, sourcing labor and products. The experience, she said, “made me very aware of the conditions women are living in. I think it’s really important that they have opportunities.”

When she returned from Asia (and a brief stint living in Cuba), Artinian decided she wanted to launch a business that supports non-profit groups working in the Third World. “I became really interested in FINCA,” she said, “so I met with them and told them what I wanted to do.” The agency — which counts Natalie Portman and Zoe Saldana among its high-profile supporters — was thrilled with Artinian’s offer and her determination to make a difference.

GlobLove (pronounced “global love”) also gives women who can afford nice underwear a way to support those who can’t. “By purchasing the most intimate and feminine apparel, women all over the world can encourage their peers in less fortunate corners of the globe by giving them the opportunity to build their own buying power,” she said.

Artinian designed GlobLove’s entire 40-piece debut collection, called Film Noir. It’s an affordable luxury line of seductive bodysuits, slips, bras and panties, with generous use of on-trend lace and mesh fabrics. There’s also a hosiery collection and a small line of jewelry accessories.

Another thing that sets GlobLove apart is that it’s launching strictly as an e-tail operation. The only place to buy GlobLove pieces will be on the company’s new website, a strategy that keeps prices affordable and lets the company start off without the expense of a sales operation. Artinian said she will look at wholesaling in the future, “but for the moment we don’t want to go too big too quickly.”

GlobLove’s debut line, Film Noir, is now live on the company site. The lookbook images below will give you a sense of the coquettish, vintage-esque stying involved. And, although the photoshoot is a black-and-white affair, GlobLove pieces are available in a range of soft pastel shades besides black.

Details of the GlobLove launch party are available on the company website and its Facebook page, and it’s worth noting the collection will be 25% off during the launch bash.

The label’s website also offers information about FINCA’s work around the world. You can find out more at

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