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You are looking at the future of fashion lingerie, as envisioned by the brightest young designers from 37 countries around the world.

They are the finalists in the fourth annual Triumph Inspiration Awards, which will choose a winner at a gala presentation next month as part of Berlin Fashion Week.

For this year’s competition, participants were asked to create an original lingerie design based on the theme “125 Years of Celebrating Women” to mark Triumph’s 125 years in the business.

National winners were chosen in competitions earlier this year, leading up to the Berlin final. The winner will receive €15,000, and will have their garment produced as a limited edition by Triumph and sold in stores around the world.

Fans can also have a say in the final decision. Until June 22, people can cast votes on the TIA website for their favorite design, and the winner of the popular vote will earn a point toward the final evaluation by a panel of industry judges in Berlin.

The TIA website also provides a live summary of the fan vote, showing what percentage of all votes cast have been earned by each country. As of this moment, Argentina has a slight lead over Italy and Belgium — but watch for a flurry of last-minute voters to add some drama to the event.

Many of the designs in the competition include vintage or heritage elements that acknowledge the historical aspect of this year’s theme. But these are young designers at the start of their careers, and most use the opportunity to look forward with futuristic presentations that show off their innovation and creativity.

The Belgian entry, Transformama, is inspired by the Transformers action movie franchise, while the title of the Croatian entry translates as “birth of the future”. And the Israeli entry somehow incorporates a wrap-around infinity loop into its design.

Some other eye-popping standouts: the maternity piece from Russia, with a strategically placed zipper so you can access your baby bump; the steampunk-influenced entry from China, with its array of clock parts; Germany’s Braided Truth with its use of hair braids; and the knotty Witch Trials from Norway.

(FYI, our vote went to the Irish entry, the 70s-influenced Edge of Euphoria, which we favored just slightly over the elegant Japanese entry, Crane Dance.)

Before you vote, it’s worth investigating the TIA website to learn more about the entries. The shots below, featuring UK model/actress Lily Cole, are set up to display each entry in the same way, but there are alternate views available as well.

For example, that’s the Argentina entry in the main photo above, which looks much more impressive in this shot than in the posed Lily Cole image. And some pieces are so sophisticated, it’s hard to comprehend them from a single photo — the photo for the Great Britain entry doesn’t reveal that the corset front opens up into two panels, with an inscribed message underneath!

And while the popular vote plays a part in the final decision, it’s no guarantee of eventual success. Last year’s grand prize winner, Bulgaria, placed fourth in the popular vote in that competition.

Triumph Inspiration Awards 2011 – Finalists

ARGENTINA, Perfect Imperfection
AUSTRALIA, Anatomised Beauty
AUSTRIA, Now It Fits
BELGIUM, Transformama
BULGARIA, Many-Sided Individualism
CANADA, Elizabethan Goddess
CHILE, Shared Heritage
CROATIA, Futurenaissanistic
CZECH REPUBLIC, Mirror of Beauty
DENMARK, Emotion
FRANCE, This Is Not An Icon
GERMANY, Braided Truth
GREECE, Free Spirit
HONG KONG, Escaped Beauty
HUNGARY, Les Fleurs de Mal
INDIA, Bonding
IRELAND, The Edge of Euphoria
ISRAEL, Infinity
ITALY, Revealing and Concealing
JAPAN, Crane Dance
NETHERLANDS, Beautiful Damage
NORWAY, Witch Trials
PHILIPPINES, Beauty and Power
POLAND, Flower Strike
PORTUGAL, Le Boudoir
ROMANIA, Ava 1236
RUSSIA, Tribute to Motherhood
SINGAPORE, Beauty of Contour
SPAIN, Cerebral
SWEDEN, Circular Celebration
TAIWAN, Vacuum
THAILAND, Precious Adamis
TURKEY, Hezarfen
VIETNAM, Our Lady of Paris
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