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A Wool Bra For Summer? Why Not?
Posted by amy | June 15, 2011

Yes, you’re looking at a wool bra and, yes, it comes from Canada, although I assure you this is not traditional summer wear for most northern girls.

The very idea of creating and marketing a wool bra in spring or summer seems a bit crazy, until you realize how soft and versatile such things can be.

This is the unique Leeds halter bra, hand knit from Uruguayan merino wool by Tara-Lynn Morrison of Hamilton, Ontario, whose indie label Yarn Over Movement produces a nice collection of shawls, scarves, sweaters … and bras.

Because merino wool is so fine, YOM’s halter bra is non-itchy and super-soft. (And my experience with merino wool under-layers is that it doesn’t make you sweat unless you’re involved in some high-energy activity.) It sells for $60 and comes in one size that’s meant to fit AA-C cups, although it will also stretch a bit.

And while the idea of a wool bra was probably not at the top of your list of summer fashion must-haves, this would make a unique layering piece — or simply wear it all by itself with some shorts and sandals. And on those chilly nights around a campfire, you’ll be thankful someone thought of this!

The Leeds halter bra comes in black, nude (above) or a variegated chocolate rose hue. Here are some more shots featuring this piece in various stylings.

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  1. hannah says:

    I can vouch for just how soft and comfy those bras are! Tara-Lynn is a knitting genius!

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