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Bordelle Expands Its Bad Girl Catalogue
Posted by richard | June 13, 2011

The good folks over at Bordelle know a thing or two about the art of teasing, but I wish they’d stop playing peek-a-boo when they release a new collection.

The hugely admired, trendsetting London label released these images last week to show off its forthcoming AW2011 collection of seductive bondage light undergarments. And, as always, had little to say about them. Just a little sneak peek to get us all hot and bothered while we keep hitting the refresh button, waiting for the new goodies to materialize on Bordelle’s webshop (no, they’re not there yet).

What we can tell from these looks is that designer Javier Suarez and company have a few new tricks up their sleeves as they try to expand Bordelle’s signature style while staying a few steps ahead of the label’s many imitators.

You’ll find new interpretations of Bordelle’s most famous pieces (the elasticized bandage dress and wrap bra), a new open cutout bra and some softer mesh coordinates that build on the success of last season’s Infragrante collection. And you weekend bad girls won’t want to miss the spike nipple covers!

What really catches our eye, though, is the all-black body (bottom photo), which seems to mix Bordelle’s signature bra harnesses with a mesh bodysuit to create a powerfully dramatic look.

And, just when you think you’ve got Bordelle figured out, there’s that billowy satin skirt (above), hitched up to a strappy new bandage bra. Isn’t that just like Bordelle — keeping one foot on the couture runway and the other in the BDSM dungeon?

Keep an eye on Bordelle’s FB page and webshop so you don’t miss out when these pieces reach the market. In the meantime, it’s worth spending some time on the images below, doing a little imaginary role-playing. Enjoy!

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