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Some women age more favorably than others; some seem to grow younger with the passing years. That’s certainly the case with Elle Macpherson and her lingerie line Elle Macpherson Intimates, which last year marked its 20th anniversary.

The years have been kind to both Elle (an impossible 48!) and her dependably gorgeous brand, which has just unveiled a 2011 collection that is brimming with youthful color and vitality. You’d never call EMI a “girly” label, but this year’s collection will make you think Elle — and you — have discovered the fountain of youth.

Called P.S. I Love You, Elle’s new collection is huge: more than dozen new styles that will be introduced gradually over the next six months, plus new colorways for some of the brand’s enduring classics like the Dentelle and Artistry style ranges.

Throw in Elle’s brand new maternity line the Bare & Bold collection of stretch knit basics that was introduced last winter and you have a mightily impressive global brand that is hard to top. And if that weren’t enough, Elle is boosting her luxe capsule collection, Obsidian, with several new styles that we’ll look at later.

P.S. I Love You is a nostalgic and romantic collection inspired by Elle’s travels, especially Paris — you’ll see numerous Parisienne style flourishes in many of these sets.

“This collection is about the journey — to places we love, with people we love and making memories as we go,” said Elle, who remains the creative director of EMI, which is owned by industry powerhouse Bendon.

Some things to look for as these fashion postcards make their way to your favorite boutiques in the coming year:

  • bright, youthful prints like the gypsy-inspired Crazy Beautiful set (above, top left), the watermelon pink Isobella range, and the floral Parisienne Poppy set;

  • coquettish demis and contour bras with obvious Parisienne influence, in particular the Meet Me At The Metro and Sent With Love ranges;
  • a stunning new glamour range called Lux Noir that borrows some of the exquisite styling of Elle’s Obsidian collection and comes in jet black and ivory colorways;
  • and a pair of saucy black ranges, Burlesque Facade and My Black Beret, that capture some of the retro vibe of the Moulin Rouge.

The images below show some styles from most of the new ranges mentioned, but you’ll want to watch the EMI website and boutiques closely in the months ahead to see the full ranges for each new style.

As before, many of these styles are available up to a G cup, another feature that has helped EMI retain such a devoted customer base.

Elle Macpherson Intimates — 2011 Collection, P.S. I Love You

Top photos, clockwise from upper left: Crazy Beautiful, Lux Noir, Secret Song, Sent With Love.

Starlight Waltz
Quaint Revolution
My Black Beret
Meet Me At The Metro
Long Long Ago
Lux Noir
Burlesque Facade
Secret Song
Parisienne Poppy
If Only You Knew
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