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A Bold Debut From Absolutely Pôm
Posted by richard | May 30, 2011

If you’re going to make an impression in France’s luxury lingerie market, you’d better know what you’re doing and you’d better do everything well. So far, the lovely new French label Absolutely Pôm is doing just that.

We first introduced you to Absolutely Pôm’s collection of teaser images a few months back, after the label quietly debuted at the Salon de Lingerie trade show in Paris.

Now, AP is making a grand entrance with a first-class new website and e-shop that conveniently gets around the problem of trying to find stockists, at home and abroad, who are willing to take on a new brand. (The label is so far available in four French boutiques and one in Germany.)

Absolutely Pôm is the work of freelance lingerie designer Pôm Sevestre, who has in the past worked for French underwear brand DIM, Hong Kong private label specialist Hop Lun, and others — so she’s clearly paid her dues.

When it came time to launch her own branded label, Pôm knew exactly what sort of aesthetic she wanted to create: bold, glamorous, modern but with vintage hints, and with enough original touches to stand out from the crowd. How well has she succeeded? Well, the images below will give you a good indication, but how’s this for novel touch — Absolutely Pôm may be the only designer lingerie label that includes a printed tulle tutu in its collection!

Pôm calls her debut collection the “lingerie of an urban adventurer”, meaning it draws style inspirations from the designer’s travels and many pieces are so striking they simply demand to be worn as outerwear garments. Absolutely Pôm is all about freedom, femininity and creativity: how très French is that?

The debut AP collection includes four style ranges, each of which conveys a different kind of personality and function. Here’s a brief look at each range:

A glamorous mélange of modern and retro lines, mostly in opaque or translucent black microfiber and stretch lace. Highlights include the high-waisted G-string (left), which must be seen from the back to be appreciated. The romper-like Lily shorts suit (right) brings together several fabrics to create a graphic silhouette, and has the look of a new classic.

Lily High-Waist G-String
Lily Shorts Suit

The Amy set is Absolutely Pôm’s most contemporary line, blending gingham, lace and silk satin to create a sexy-rocker look. That’s the Amy bodysuit in the photo at the top of this post and below right; yes, that’s a bodysuit.

Amy Push-Up Bra & String
Amy Body

With a name like that, there’s no mistaking the purpose of this standout line of sheer black pieces. That’s the corset and figure-flattering nightdress below, and there’s a daring see-through body as well.

Dita Corset
Dita Nightdress

Despite its name, the color palette for this frisky set of floral print pieces is a very subtle mauve and black. The wonderful shorts suit (right) is a lightweight silk cotton voile and deserves to be seen at poolside and on patios all summer long. The Scarlett range also includes the dramatic corseted tutu (sorry, the photo is a bit NSFW) which you will want to show off everywhere except the bedroom.

Scarlett Push-Up Bra
Scarlett Shorts Suit

Altogether, an impressive, inventive and daring collection from a new label that is following its own path. And, thanks to its online store, you don’t have to wait until your next European holiday to try it out.

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