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Fans of Secret Diary of a Call Girl got quite an eyeful, as usual, last night.

In the next-to-last episode of the bawdy British comedy, Belle/Hannah entertained her latest client (a vampire fantasy fetishist) in a riveting Italian beaded tulle and lace wrap that simply dominated the scene (as the show’s lingerie pieces so often do).

The extraordinary ankle-length outfit is called the Northern Lights Couture Housecoat and is produced by the exclusive UK lingerie house Harlette, which has provided numerous pieces for SDCG this season. The very aristocratic, very vintage-esque outfit comes with a sophisticated silk tie, although the version worn by Billie Piper on SDCG featured a custom H clasp, which is available in gold or platinum.

You too can rock this memorable look for a mere $3,200 USD (although the clasp will up the ante considerably). But why stop there? Harlette’s Northern Lights range also offers a matching Tie Me Up bralette and Tie Me Down knickers (sporting ostrich and marabou tufts), and a Crystal catsuit in beaded French lace with Swarovski crystals. To create the full effect, all four pieces will set you back about $5,000 USD.

Before you go reaching for your wallet, however, keep this in mind: there’s already a three-month waiting list for the housecoat — and probably longer since last night’s airing of SDCG on Showtime.

Secret Diary‘s final episode airs next Thursday in the U.S. and Canada (it ended last month in Britain) and although there is persistent talk about a movie deal, we may in fact have seen the last of Hannah, Ben and all their hangers-on. One thing’s certain: Belle is sure to go out with a bang!

Next week, we’ll take a fond look back at some of SDCG’s memorable moments. In the meantime, our friend The Lingerie Addict posted an article last fall on how to dress like Belle, which is well worth reading.

Below is an image from Harlette showing the Northern Lights ensemble, followed by some more caps from last night’s show. Mina Harker is probably rolling over in her grave!

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    Thank you for linking to me! :)

  2. Harlette says:

    For Secret Diary Fans you can have a Northern Lights housecoat now by contacting our stockists, Lucile Lingerie in Manchester. They have a few of the housecoats seen in the show in stock..

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