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Is it just my imagination, or is everyone doing a bridal collection this year? Maybe Wills and Kate are responsible, maybe it’s the Judgment Day thing …. whatever the reason, it bodes well for the species and for lingerie designers too.

The latest, perhaps most unlikely, brand to jump on the bridal couture bandwagon is Beach Bunny, the California label best known for its celebrity marketing and tricked-out swimsuits.

BB surprised everyone this week by unveiling its first bridal swimwear line. And guess what? It’s not nearly as crazy an idea as it sounds. In fact, BB Bride is quite a fetching collection that could easily pass for a mid-range designer trousseau set.

There’s nothing here that you would wear under a gown, but if you’re lucky enough to honeymoon in Cabo or Hawaii or Cozumel, the Beach Bunny collection features several pieces that would look great at poolside or back in the bridal suite. And, to their credit, Beach Bunny has resisted the temptation to go too over-the-top sexy with this sweetly understated range (the kind of thing we see too often in their very showy Kardashian-girl sets).

The bridal collection includes four new style ranges — White Wedding, I Cross My Heart, Love Me Tender and Butterfly Kisses — along with some loungewear pieces borrowed from the label’s catalogue.

The mostly all-white line features quite an assortment of embellishments — Chantilly lace, hand-beaded pearls, Swarovski crystals — and fashion-forward front and side ties that you find in BB’s other swimsuits.

The I Cross My Heart deep plunge one-piece in mesh with lace trim is probably the show-stopper in the collection, although we prefer the flirty Love Me Tender line’s lovely tiered lace bandeau or ruffled triangle top with oversized bow. If you fancy a bit of color in your trousseau, the Butterfly Kisses set features teal polka-dots.

Possibly the only downside to this nice range is that, duh, you won’t want to do too much bodysurfing with all those pearls and crystals clanging about. You might also want to consider whether you’ll feel self-conscious declaring your new status on the beach or at the pool as you rest up from your wedding.

Below are some more campaign images from Beach Bunny Bridal, featuring the ever-lovely Kate Upton. And above we’ve also got BB’s making-of video, in which a much-too-young-for-this-kind-of-thing Kate speculates on her own wedding day.

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