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Patternity’s Geeky Graphic Leggings
Posted by richard | May 19, 2011

The graphic printed leggings from the intriguing new British company Patternity look like optical illusions or something you might be asked to explain during an eye exam.

In fact, these head-scratching prints are simply Patternity’s way of sharing its enthusiasm for everyday patterns — found in art, nature, architecture and anywhere else — with stylish young geeks.

Patternity produces a line of seven legwear prints, including their own Trademark pattern (top left) created using triangles, circles and lines. All are cleverly packaged in tubes (below) and are meant to “encourage people to see, enjoy and be inspired by the patterned world around them.”

Patternity is unlike any other label; in fact, it’s not a fashion company at all. It’s a London design studio opened in 2009 by two artists for the purpose of studying geometric patterns found in everyday life, educating the public, and creating products to support their explorations. If that seems like a rather narrow field of inquiry, you’ll be amazed at the scope of Patternity’s awe-inspiring image resource library; spend some time browsing and you might never look at the world around you the same way again.

On the commercial side, Patternity has so far been involved in furniture design, accessories and curated exhibitions with other artists. The black-and-white leggings are the most ‘mainstream’ product that Patternity has produced and cost £42 a pair — but trust me, if you like one set, you’ll want them all! The pattern is screen-printed on a nylon/elastane fabric that is machine washable. International shipping is available.

Altogether, the collection is extremely well conceived and packaged, and does a great job of promoting Patternity’s aesthetic of finding beauty in the banal and moving from “the mundane to the magnificent”.

Wear a set of these post-modern conversation pieces during your next visit to MOMA. But leave them at home if you’re writing your math final today — they might be considered crib notes.

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  1. Layla says:

    cute name and cute concept! Love the packaging too 😉

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