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Summertime means fun time and, for a certain kind of girl, getting out there and getting noticed.

If you’re looking to make a statement with your undergarment choices this season, you’ll want to check out the eye-popping, head-turning new collection from designer Feng-Feng Yeh and her label Savant.

Feng-Feng (whose name is pronounced Fun-Fun Yay — how perfect is that?!) has had a following on the New York party scene for several years, but her avant garde clothing and undie designs weren’t exactly mass-market.

That’s all changed now with the release of Savant’s first lingerie capsule collection, a terrific new website and a pop-art photo campaign that will make you laugh. There are also two dependable distribution points: on the west coast, Portland’s Lille Boutique, and in New York, the trendy webshop I Don’t Like Mondays.

The new Savant collection appears to be partly new and partly a way of introducing some familiar styles to a wider audience. You’ll probably recognize the popular elastic Bandage bralette with its smart criss-cross straps, and the cage dress and leggings pattern. Now you know where to find them!

There’s a lot more than just lingerie in this collection, which includes plenty of playful streetwear pieces featuring graphic lines, dramatic prints and some sharp tailoring. And just in case anyone takes her too seriously, Feng-Feng indulges her fondness for costume-like fashion with things like a faux-grass skirt and a sweet candy-pink jumper.

Savant has already planted its flag on the fashion map with its elastic bralettes, but don’t overlook some other real gems in this collection. The new wide-strap Signature bra is another all-elastic staple, and there’s a front-closing hook-and-eye bralette that employs the same wide straps and, quite frankly, makes wearing a top optional. The collection also features several retro-ish high-waisted shorts and bloomers in smart prints that could pass as swimwear.

Enjoy the images below from the new Savant collection; there are more at their website. You should have no trouble remembering this label. Just think of it this way: Savant — the name that really does mean fun.

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