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The Loved One is rapidly becoming a true cult label, and we couldn’t be happier for them.

Though their small debut line of vintage-inspired lingerie pieces is still only a few months old, the adorable indie label has created tremendous buzz in the fashion press and attracted a very devoted following almost overnight.

Their secret? Almost accidentally it seems, TLO has injected a youthful vibe into the world of vintage style and created a very girlfriend-friendly aura that will appeal to younger women who, simply and unselfconscioiusly, like having fun in their undies.

To see what I mean, have a look at The Loved One’s new video, “Slumber Party” (below), which has been viewed more than 8,000 times since being launched at the end of last month. (There’s a second version on Vimeo here, with an alternate soundtrack.)

Nothing about The Loved One’s growth feels like a business strategy being rolled out; in fact, everything they do has a spontaneous, DIY feel, as if we were watching a reality show about girlfriends goofing off on a rainy day.

But there’s method in this silliness, and there are reasons why The Loved One is blooming:

Hannah Metz: Hannah is one of the two co-founders of TLO and also models their wares on the company webshop and in photoshoots. With those bushy ginger bangs, Gibson-esque frame and mischievous sense of humor, she’s unlike any other model working today and is a big reason for TLO’s early success. If you don’t have a girl crush on Hannah, check your pulse now.

Friends: TLO is a lingerie label for the Facebook generation. It gets a LOT of support from its friends, and it gives just as much back. Hannah models for pal Alexandra Grecco‘s label and uses her blog to profile other up-and-comers. Tomorrow (May 11), they are co-hosting a pop-up shop soiree with Seychelles shoes in New York (details below). This kind of collaborative approach is the way of the the future for indie startups.

Figures: What we like most about Slumber Party is the range of body shapes that TLO has used to promote its wares. The same girls, all different (and very “real”) shapes, are used in the label’s 2011 lookbook. There’s someone for every woman to relate to here.

Campaigns: Artist/photographer Landon Metz (Hannah’s husband) does a lot of the photography for TLO’s promo campaigns, and he’s given the label a signature look — wistful, affectionate, nostalgic. Look for images of models looking at themselves in mirrors, as if wondering, “Can I pull off vintage?”

Products: We wrote about TLO’s Hollywood-inspired debut line a few months ago. Since then, they’ve kept the catalogue small while hinting at future additions. They recently added the One Shocking Moment bullet bra (above), which complements the existing collection and offers a hint of things to come.

Fun: You just know these people are having a ball. And yes, that matters when you’re trying to decide whether to plunk down some of your hard-earned cash on an unknown name.

The Loved One is doing a lot of things right, and offers some real inspiration to other young designers with big dreams and empty pockets.

If you want to experience the TLO vibe in person, and you live in New York, they are hosting a “Garden Party” pop-up shop with Seychelles and MOR cosmetics on Wednesday, from 5-10 p.m., at 730 Fifth Avenue, Suite 607. There will be product giveaways and a chance to get a personal style consultation from fashion blogger Keiko Lynn.

Here are some images from TLO’s new lookbook:

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