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Stockholm-based lingerie designer Noemi Ivanova of Made by Noemi just may make you think twice about Swedish style with her new collection My Darling Magpie.

Certain stereotypes come to mind when thinking of Swedish design, from clean lines and spare interiors to a darker, …

Andrés Sarda’s Sizzling Summer
Posted by connie | April 7, 2011

Spanish lingerie and swimwear label Andrés Sarda is sometimes criticized for creating collections that are a bit on the simple side and featuring few looks. In my opinion, quality always counts over quantity, and sometimes pared-down can be the most glamorous look of all.

For …

Fall Preview: La Fée Verte Hits Its Stride
Posted by richard | April 5, 2011

The upcoming fall/winter 2011 collection from La Fée Verte shows a young fashion label hitting its stride — not by trying to impress new customers with bold new looks, but by staying true to the style signatures that have already earned it a loyal following.…

A Birthday Gift from Nicole Gill
Posted by richard | April 5, 2011

Most people spend their birthday accepting gifts and good wishes and ticking off the names of their friends who remembered.

Not Nicole Gill. The young UK designer, who turns a mind-boggling 23 years old today, is marking the occasion with a truly incredible gift …

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