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A lot of behind-the-scenes photoshoots and videos are a bit pointless, simply because they’re too scripted, too much of a sales job, and they don’t tell us much about the designer or her work.

A welcome exception to this pattern is a new film released last week to showcase the upcoming Fall 2011 collection from trailblazing NYC label The Lake and Stars.

The video by Lina Plioplyte for was shot backstage in February at the first Fashion Week presentation by TL&S designers Maayan Zilberman and Nikki Dekker. (Watch for Maayan wearing the TL&S signature strappy dress.)

It opens with a grainy, silent-movie feel that evokes the vintage-esque qualities of TL&S designs. But that’s just start. Listen closely and you’ll hear the peripatetic duo reveal a laundry list of ideas, inspirations and themes that led to the creation of the new collection.

Museum interiors, building materials, Twin Peaks, military themes, spray paint, velvet and — wrap your head around this — a “1970s take on Italian neoclassicism … how one decade would interpret another.”

If that all sounds painfully academic, fear not. It all makes sense when you get a glimpse of the the goods: TL&S remains daringly ahead of the curve with what appears to be another collection of very wearable, street-worthy under-art.

Enjoy the film below. We’ll have more on The Lake and Stars soon.

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