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Let’s get one thing clear about tomorrow’s big tea party across the pond: the most important thing is not what Kate Middleton will be wearing, but how you are going to dress for the occasion.

Whether you’re watching the royal wedding in one of those faux English pubs, or hosting an all-night Britfest in your flat (no, it’s not a shoe; it’s what they call an apartment), or simply curling up in front of the telly (no, not Savalas) alone, you want to do it in style. After all, tomorrow is the one time we’ll all be Brits for a day and, ladies, brides for a day too.

We can’t think of a better way to celebrate than in a set of these pop-art knickers from from the chic new UK label Britnix.

Britnix appeared on the scene about a year ago, with a very limited but unmissable set of silk satin and chiffon undies in prints based on the Union Jack. That’s a close-up look at the Queenie print, right.

Somehow, when Yanks try the same thing with Old Glory it ends up looking like something that you’d only wear while wrapped around a stripper pole, but the Britnix knickers appeal to anyone with a sense of fun and patriotism.

Bonus: the company embroiders a “secret” message into the gusset so your BF or your laundry woman will know how patriotic you really are.

These cute, frilled briefs come in several prints and retail for about $25 (US). The best place to find them is to order online through

In fact, Figleaves, the UK’s leading intimates e-tailer, is getting in on royal wedding fever with its own limited-edition knickers set (below) in silk satin with oversized tie-sides and the words “British Booty” emblazoned on the rear.

Wear these and you’ll likely get a quick lesson in what British lads mean when suggest a little “slap and tickle”!

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