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Rebellious Retro Looks from Toronto’s Minnow Bathers
Posted by connie | April 27, 2011

If you love the look of vintage bathing suits but don’t relish slipping on a pre-used maillot then Minnow Bathers has a perfect solution, namely fun suits in great prints and vintage-inspired designs.

The Toronto-based company founded by Karen Donaldson and Vanessa Warrack a couple of years back has really come into its own with the recent Minnow Bathers Spring/Summer 2011 collection.

One-piece floral cutouts share space with black and color-blocked swimsuits in black, purple and white. Some of the bathers feature graphic lines and cut outs, others come complete with suspenders, and some have all three.

Aside from the 90s florals, Minnow Bathers also offers several other fun prints like marijuana leaves (bottom photo), clouds and water color stripes, not to mention the buzzed-about red tartan suit that is still available for purchase and comes with a distinct grunge-esque vibe. Suits range from $110-130 and Minnow Bathers’ selection of trunks and briefs for men start at $45.

As for the S/S 2011 Minnow Bathers swimsuit collection, and the lookbook photographed by Jeremy Janson, both have the feel of hazy summer days and nostalgic memories. Appropriate considering the designers were inspired by “friends, rebellion, summer fun, first beers, first tokes, and first kisses.”

If you’d like to get your hands on a pretty and reasonably priced Minnow Bathers suit, they’re on sale in Toronto at Ruins (960 Queen Street West) and Penny Arcade Vintage (1177 Dundas Street West) and can be purchased online at the company’s Etsy boutique.

Film school types will also want to check out the label’s video ‘lookbook’, a grainy 6-part video series in which the models reflect on their childhoods and more — apparently after breaking into someone’s house. Hmm, could be used as evidence…

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