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Fearless, As Usual
Posted by richard | April 20, 2011

Lady Gaga, fearless as usual, appears in this alarming see-through latex catsuit in the April 18 issue of NME. This is an inside shot; the cover photo, in which G puts those zippers to work, is seriously NSFW.

The outfit is actually a black version of the opaque nude latex catsuit that Gaga wore in the Born This Way video and in a flurry of subsequent media appearances.

Both were custom pieces designed specifically for Gaga by London’s couture latex designer Atsuko Kudo. These pieces are not part of Kudo’s catalogue, but she does have other similar outfits to help you channel your inner Catwoman, starting at around $500.

As for Lady G, the NME article “Freak or Fraud” is a great read. It’s also just the beginning of a media blitzkrieg surrounding the new album that will surely, hopefully, knock Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black out of the spotlight for a while.

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  1. Treacle says:

    I want that, yes I do.

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