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Bluegrass Belles
Posted by LT Staff | April 18, 2011

For all you glum souls who didn’t get to Coachella, let’s start the week off with a smile by playing a little game of Caption This.

The photo above shows:

a) Cover art for a special limited-edition version of the gorgeous new Alison Krauss album;

b) Part of a sexy PR campaign to make Merlefest as big as Bonnaroo;

c) A candid moment from the annual meeting of the Steve Earle Ex-Wives Club;

d) What really ‘works’ for Steve Martin.

Got a better one? You can add your own caption idea in the Comments box below, or on our Facebook page.

Now, if you want to know what’s really going one here, keep reading.

This is just a playful image posted Friday by New York indie lingerie designers Hannah Metz (left) and Alexandra Grecco (right), modeling some of the debut collection from Hannah’s vintage-esque label The Loved One.

Both labels have very devoted fans and both have new designs coming soon, so stay tuned. In the meantime, try getting the theme for Beverly Hillbillies out of your head.

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