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This being Friday afternoon, we’ve been wasting our time watching YouTube videos just like the rest of you. And what should catch our eye (okay, we got a tip) but the new single “Nobody’s Perfect” from UK belter Jessie J.

Haven’t heard of her? You will. The Do It Like A Dude girl appears ready to leap into Gaga-esque superstardom as both a songstress and fashion tastemaker with the release of her debut disc.

For an indication of all this, watch “Nobody’s Perfect” closely — it’s like a steampunk version of Alice in Wonderland, with JJ coming across like a crazed mashup of Lily Allen, Katy P and Rihanna all rolled into one.

Look more closely and you’ll also see Jessie sporting the very daring and original backless Hearts leggings from Belgian label La Fille d’O, which may be Europe’s most daring and original lingerie brand.

BACKLESS leggings, you ask? Yep, these things are a triumph of engineering over gravity: we’re not quite sure how they don’t fall off, but it’s got something to do with the shoulder straps and ankle cuffs. Jessie doesn’t seem to have any problem with them at all. She answers the question “How do you wear these?” by adding a bustier on top and, it appears, some fishnet tights underneath.

Those familiar with the mad genius of designer Murielle Scherre are, like us, counting the days until the release of La Fille d’O‘s upcoming new collection, Adventures Close To Home.

In the meantime, check out these images of the incredible Hearts leggings while listening to Jessie J. Feels like the future, doesn’t it?

You can also learn more about La Fille d’O by reading our recent profile here.

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