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Driven by a nostalgic need to rediscover the past through clothing and design Céline Pinckers created a lingerie line in 2007 to do just that. The young Belgian — who has studied choreography, fashion and the art of hat making — has developed a line centered on the ideal of “a dreamy but self reliant femininity [that] is represented and reinvented day after day.”

Pinckers named her Spring/Summer 2011 collection Oh Bobby Bobby, interesting because there is absolutely nothing masculine about these pieces. Definitely vintage-inspired, and with a 1920s vibe, the collection is heavy on blacks, whites and butter yellow in soft and elegant silk-satin and pretty lace. Triangles, as a design element and in the shape of the bras, are also a recurring theme in the collection, which also includes bra and full-coverage underwear sets, slips, camis and robes.

The styling of the S/S 2011 campaign images (below) brings to mind a ballerina waif with a slightly rebellious side, while the pieces manage to be feminine and romantic. Pinckers has a habit of choosing one color to punctuate any given collection (like the turquoise she used for S/S 2010) and she has a winner with the rich yellow she’s chosen this season, especially when paired with black.

Oh Bobby Bobby has a much softer feel than Pinckers’ last collection, which was a flapper-inspired extravaganza of black lace and silk-satin. It is even farther away from the designer’s first collection, from fall 2007, which had a gothic vibe and tartan accents.

Clearly, the more adept Pinckers gets at designing lingerie to express her nostalgic leanings the easier it is for the designer to invite her customers to “open the cage of memories” by wearing one of her beautiful pieces.

Céline Pinckers lingerie is becoming a coveted boutique label across Europe and a rare find if you are lucky enough to get your hands on some over here. Best online shopping options right now are through and

Now, enjoy some of the other haunting images from the Céline Pinckers Oh Bobby Bobby collection:

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