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Is Aerie’s Summer Video Too Racy?
Posted by richard | April 11, 2011

Anyone who thinks marketing for major fashion brands isn’t a minefield should have a look at the summer video recently posted by Aerie, American Eagle’s lingerie brand for teens and young 20-somethings.

The video (below) is called ‘Pretty Is Everywhere’ and features supermodel Cintia Dicker prancing around cheerfully in what appears to be a dilapidated but colorful group of clapboard cottages in the Dominican Republic.

It all seems like peppy, innocent fun — until you dive into the debate that has sprung up on the comments section on YouTube. The issue? Whether you can see Cintia’s bare breasts in the film and, more generally, whether ‘Pretty’ is inappropriately racy for the youthful mallrats crowd that shops at AE. The most cutting comment: “I expect this from Victoria’s Secret, not Aerie.”

Personally, I’m not at all offended by Pretty Is Everywhere; it’s a lingerie commercial, folks.

I’m more struck by how Aerie’s easily offended young critics ignore what, to my mind, is a more obvious source of discomfort: using a developing country as a backdrop for a U.S. fashion campaign. Sorry, but those rundown cottages remind me of the DR’s poverty, not its youthful free spirit. The Dominican is in fact very pretty, but it also has an average income of $2,500 US.

The only thing that stops me from writing a letter to AE is their predictable (and valid) rebuttal: that staging a photoshoot in the DR contributes to the local economy. Still, barely a year after the earthquake in neighboring Haiti, Aerie might want to check its cultural sensitivity cred. ‘Pretty’ is everywhere, but if that’s all you see around you in places like DR, there’s something wrong.

You can see for yourself, and join the debate if you wish, by checking out the video above. If you’re looking for the questionable bare-boob sequence, it’s around the :54 mark. Fans of bare butts will have to wait till the very end of the film.

We’ve also included a gallery of images below from the brand’s SS2011 collection, not because there’s anything radically new here but because Dicker, the Brazilian beauty and SI Swimsuit Edition star, is such a perfect choice for the campaign. Freckles rule!

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4 Responses to “Is Aerie’s Summer Video Too Racy?”

  1. Hope I dont get caught says:

    I don’t blog but I came across the first comment section and have to say something. I’m in the middle of channel surfing, and I saw this Aerie commercial. Let’s face it, the commercial is freaking hot!!! The girls are simple normal skinny ‘girl next door’ type. But they are so damn sexy in those Aerie panty and bra sets! Wow, every time I see that commercial I wish my girlfriend would wear stuff like they do. Even though shes a bit bigger than they are, I think the effect would be similar. Very good commercial. I like how they got normal looking girls to be so damn sexy modeling Aerie’s underwear. I’m buying a panty and bra set for my girl on payday.

  2. Jane says:

    These ads are inappropriate and borderline pornographic. I am not interested in watching dancing sluts on TV or ever nor should mainstream family TV be subjecting us to this. How embarrassing to watch this garbage with my brother or boyfriened present….Gross.

  3. Caroline says:

    Why do people love to complain? This doesn’t even compare to VS. Even though she was running around in her underwear and at one point braless. It felt very innocent to me. It looked like the girl was just enjoying herself and the area in a liberating way. There’s nothing pornographic about it. I also didn’t think the location was bad. The little shacks looked simple and colorful. It makes you think that fun and happiness is in the simple things. Get over it people!

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