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Stockholm-based lingerie designer Noemi Ivanova of Made by Noemi just may make you think twice about Swedish style with her new collection My Darling Magpie.

Certain stereotypes come to mind when thinking of Swedish design, from clean lines and spare interiors to a darker, tougher look &#224 la Lisbeth Salander of the Dragon Tattoo/Millennium series of books. Made by Noemi is proof that there is a middle ground even if her sexy, strong and bright pieces don’t seem like they’d completely suit Salander’s tastes.

The Magpie collection works because it’s a marriage of the two Swedish styles, bringing together functionality with determination and throwing in some sexy fun for good measure. Inspired by the strong, colorful and determined bird, Ivanova has created a collection that manages to be both practical and beautiful. A mix of both her last collections (the very minimalist Base Underwear and the ornate, Russian-inspired Golden Bat from last fall), Magpie manages to be simple enough to lift and cover as required, but colorful, sexy and feminine enough to be whimsical and fun.

“I started with the colors of the magpie and then added strong colors for that instant eye-catching appeal,” Ivanova says of her inspiration for her newest collection. “My Darling Magpie is a beautiful woman who’s not embarrassed owning her own space and diverting from the norm. She’s headstrong, and only she knows what her next step or infatuation will be.”

Perhaps something like Lisbeth Salander after all.

Made by Noemi’s women’s and men’s Underwear, as well as leather and canvas bags and accessories, can be purchased from the brand’s online shop. Meantime, enjoy the wonderful campaign images from the new collection, showing Noemi’s colorful bird in a very utilitarian setting!

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