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Comfortable Spring Looks from Araks
Posted by nadine | March 29, 2011

Not many lingerie brands have an aesthetic that translates well into Fashion Week-worthy ready-to-wear apparel. Araks is an exception.

The much-loved NYC indie lingerie line (craveable since 2000) has an effortless, comfortable look that explores the wonderful world of color and texture. The move into …

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Marlies Dekkers’ Groovy ’60s Tribute
Posted by richard | March 28, 2011

Marlies Dekkers is experiencing a sustained bout of nostalgia, one that has triggered an astonishing flurry of creativity from the renowned Dutch lingerie designer.

Dekkers has just released her third collection for Spring/Summer 2011, all of them capturing the mood, spirit and energy of the …

It’s All On The Line for Layla and Josh
Posted by richard | March 28, 2011

Will Layla L’Obatti quit goofing around and finally produce the lingerie collection she’s capable of? More importantly, will boyfriend and business partner Josh Verleun quit goofing around and finally give Layla the ring she so clearly deserves?

These and other equally overbaked questions will be …

Britta Uschkamp’s Polish Symphony
Posted by connie | March 28, 2011

Britta Uschkamp is an up-and-coming lingerie designer best known for her fun and seductive string multis. These beribboned bra and underwear sets can be tied — and untied — in a multitude of different ways and come in both push-up and soft bras.

Now, …

Okay girls, let’s have a show of hands: How many of you have at one time or another gone into one of those little photo booths at a mall or arcade and done something baaaaaad?

You know what I mean. Make out with the …

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