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Seems like only yesterday that we were writing about the newest push-up bra from Victoria’s Secret; in fact, it was three weeks ago. Don’t these people ever take holidays?

Hot on the heels of its newly revamped Incredible collection, the irrepressible retailer is back with its latest concoction, the Gorgeous. Or, as tweet-talking teens everywhere will surely call it, the Gorge. (As in, “Are you wearing the new VS bra? OMG it’s so g-o-r-g-e!”)

The Gorgeous, which can be worn in low-back, halter, crossback and standard configurations, provides the same kind of oomph and silhouette as its sister lines, the Incredible and the Miraculous.

What distinguishes Gorgeous from other VS lines is the styling: peek-a-boo embroidery, small decorative details, and a print piping on the smooth satin versions. For girls seeking a bit more glamor than is found in the Miraculous line — which this season has been taken over by animal prints — the Gorgeous offers an attractive alternative.

Prices are around $50, the same as most Victoria’s Secret bras.

Ironically (but not surprisingly) the “G” is not available in a G cup! Like so many VS products, size ranges are limited; in this case, the Gorgeous ranges from 32A to 38D.

One might ask why the company continues to develop new style ranges for the same market, rather than expanding size ranges for its current catalog to include more girls and women? Doesn’t everyone have a girlfriend or friends who “can’t shop at Victoria’s Secret”?

Below is the Gorgeous TV commercial (directed by Michael Bay) which debuted last night on American Idol.

And to learn more how to choose a VS product that’s right for you, check out our popular shoppers’ guide to Victoria’s Secret bras.

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  1. Amanda says:

    I suppose this does sound somewhat more palatable for sophisticated tastes… but if it’s the same silhouette as the Miraculous, it’s going to look bulky and awkward no matter what. I’ll pass.

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