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Marlies Dekkers’ Groovy ’60s Tribute
Posted by richard | March 28, 2011

Marlies Dekkers is experiencing a sustained bout of nostalgia, one that has triggered an astonishing flurry of creativity from the renowned Dutch lingerie designer.

Dekkers has just released her third collection for Spring/Summer 2011, all of them capturing the mood, spirit and energy of the 1960s.

Her first 2011 lingerie set paid tribute to the intellectual and cultural revolution of Paris in 1968, with ranges like “Sweet Revolution”, “Cafe Society” and “Power to the Imagination”, a girls’ line that celebrated women poets and rebels of the ’60s..

That was followed last month by Gypsetters, her spring swimwear line that drew inspiration from a variety of counter-culture archetypes — everything from beads and macramé to gypsies and eco-activists.

Now, Dekkers is back again with Hippie Trail, a richly sentimental set of three new lingerie lines that wouldn’t have been out of place at Woodstock.

Hippie Trail is pure ’60s boho style: henna tatoos, face paintings, peace symbols and paisley prints all thrown in together in a glorious celebration of all things groovy. The only thing that’s missing are the peel-and-stick flower-power logos you used to plaster all over your VW van.

The new S/S2011 range includes three looks:

  • Zentangle, a pink/grey/black line that reacquaints us with the art of meditative doodling. The microfibre line includes three styles of padded bra, two thongs and a brief, plus a knitted top.
  • Peace, an all-white line that features a decorative silver peace symbol attached to the bra straps and on the front and back of the line’s thong and Brazilian short.
  • Psychedelic Paisley, featuring an exotic paisley print that blends several colors in the familiar teardrop patterns. You’ll find three bra styles, a thong and two briefs, plus a chiffon kaftan and — get this! — even a men’s underwear collection.

The Hippie Trail set takes its name from the legendary inter-continental route across Europe, Asia and Africa that students, hitchhikers and just-plain-seekers followed in the 1960s, a path that typically took them to places like Goa, Istanbul, Kathmandu and Marrakech.

And it manages to capture what was best about that era: its youthful vigor, its free-spirited sense of style, its bold and sometimes impractical dreaminess.

Taken as a whole, Marlies Dekkers’ three spring collections will make a lot of people sit up and take notice of what was already an incredibly strong lingerie brand. The familiar MD signature — creative styling using multiple straps — is still there in every piece, but the introduction of new fabrics and bright, daring prints makes her entire ouevre seem fresh and new again.

Marlies Dekkers is widely available worldwide and these styles should be shipping soon, so download some Jefferson Airplane onto your iPod and get ready to recreate your own Summer of Love!

Below are some more images from the Hippie Trail photo campaign and lookbook. You can learn lots more about the inspiration behind this collection at, which hosts a detailed magazine that looks back at the hippie era.

Psychedelic Paisley
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