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It’s All On The Line for Layla and Josh
Posted by richard | March 28, 2011

Will Layla L’Obatti quit goofing around and finally produce the lingerie collection she’s capable of? More importantly, will boyfriend and business partner Josh Verleun quit goofing around and finally give Layla the ring she so clearly deserves?

These and other equally overbaked questions will be answered soon when Layla and Josh, owners of Between The Sheets Lingerie, are featured in the new reality TV show All On The Line, which premieres tomorrow.

AOTL stars fashion gadfly Joe Zee, the creative director of Elle magazine, as he tries to help eight under-the-radar fashion labels breathe new life into their businesses. The payoff: each participating designer makes a real-life pitch to a major retailer.

AOTL debuts tomorrow (March 29) at 10 p.m. on the Sundance channel and will be available on iTunes for those who don’t subscribe to Sundance. The segment featuring Layla and BTS Lingerie airs on April 19, so mark your calendar now.

The show looks like juicy fun for fashion lovers. But, like so many reality shows, it stretches the definition of “reality” and the participating designers (all serious pros) have to swallow a certain amount of public embarrassment in order to reap all the free publicity that such projects provide.

AOTL‘s producers put a spicy-but-grim spin on the chosen designers, all of whom are depicted as well-meaning failures whom Joe Zee will help “save from ruin” through his “fashion bootcamp”. Here’s what the show’s PR team came up with:

“Each designer was once heating up the runways but has since lost their way. Now, they have a second chance. With his market savvy, positive spirit, and a little tough love, Joe attempts to transform these talented but failing businesses into rack-ready lines.”

In the case of Josh and Layla, the AOTL team seizes on their couple status as a “story angle” to exploit. The couple, the show claims in a doubly insulting bit of hype, have put their personal lives on hold for now and “are on the verge of losing their line … and their relationship.” And in their episode, there’s more than just fashion at stake: when Layla ultimately makes a pitch to Neiman Marcus, Josh will be tallying up orders to see if they’ve made enough money so he can “put a ring on it.”

Ugh. Eww. Ick. (Note to self: contact Sundance about idea for reality show — PR Bootcamp.)

Despite the shameless attempt to squeeze some fake drama out of these perfectly nice folks, AOTL does offer a privileged behind-the-scenes look at the challenges involved in bringing a new lingerie collection to market.

Layla used the filming of the show to design a new luxury collection for her gorgeous Specimens of Seduction diffusion line, which will be unveiled after the show airs.

And the real big question: did Neiman Marcus pick up Layla’s new collection while the cameras were rolling? You’ll have to wait till April 19 to find out!

Top photos show Layla, Josh and Joe Zee during filming of AOTL, while the image below is a preview of Layla’s upcoming line for her luxury collection.

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  1. fashion labels says:

    Well, I would like to wish very best to Layla for her luxury collection of April.

  2. Layla says:

    Thank you for sharing with your readers! Our date has been moved up to April 12th! :) In the meantime a sneak peek of next weeks episode with kara janx of project runway fame is on hulu until april 4th!

    And thanks to fashion label for wishing us luck! xo

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