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Britta Uschkamp’s Polish Symphony
Posted by connie | March 28, 2011

Britta Uschkamp is an up-and-coming lingerie designer best known for her fun and seductive string multis. These beribboned bra and underwear sets can be tied — and untied — in a multitude of different ways and come in both push-up and soft bras.

Now, the designer has recently released campaign images from her fall line, a tribute to Uschkamp’s Polish roots appropriately titled I Love Polska. The autumn/winter 2011 collection features an array of new sexy designs that Usckhamp customers can choose from, including the black and purple Jagoda set and the romantic Camelot push-up scarf bra and knicker set.

The Tatanka line is a diaphanous and romantic cream, consisting of an open soft scarf bra and ruffled knickers. The bra and underwear are a perfect match for the Tatanka nightie and double-string panties. The Tatanka range, like most of the Polska collection, is highlighted by the unique rosette-and-ivy embroidery that first appeared in Uschkamp’s spring collection and is quickly becoming a signature accent for her label.

The black Camelot set also has a matching nightie and open-backed panties. And the bra that inspired it all? Well, the I Love Polska open soft scarf bra (main photo above) is red and white and features ruffles and romantic rosette detailing.

While Britta Uschkamp lingerie is not widely available you will be able to purchase these fall looks when they debut in stores later this year at boutiques like La Petite Coquette in New York and Oh Baby! in Portland.

Until Uschkamp’s lingerie lands at a store near you there’s another alternative for getting a look at the designer’s sexy pieces. Her designs — like the pink, red and black Dramatic Kisses soft bra and shorty set (right) — get the star treatment in an upcoming indie film called When Harry Tries to Marry. The romantic comedy, about an Indian man facing an arranged marriage, includes a character who is a lingerie designer; Uschkamp’s pieces were used to represent the character’s designs and can be seen in the film’s trailer.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on one of the styles used in the movie they’re available in the U.S. at one of the boutiques listed above.

Here’s a look at some more of the Britta Uschkamp autumn/winter 2011 looks:

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