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Okay girls, let’s have a show of hands: How many of you have at one time or another gone into one of those little photo booths at a mall or arcade and done something baaaaaad?

You know what I mean. Make out with the BF? Or maybe the GF!?

Or a group grope? Or maybe just a little striptease destined for his eyes only?

Of course, you know that someone is watching, right? That some creepy lab technician is downloading or copying your little photo frolics for his personal pleasure, à la One Hour Photo?

Getting some goosebumps yet?

This naughty little scenario, and the icky mental images it conjures up, is behind lingerie retailer Agent Provocateur‘s latest video promotion, and it’s sure to get people talking … and confessing their own sins.

AP’s Photo Booth series of mini-films features models entering one of those familiar photo booths and stripping down for the camera, to reveal one of AP’s racy new lingerie sets from its spring 2011 collection.

AP’s own promo material says the videos show the models “playfully posing to the camera”, but there’s a lot more going on here.

Photo Booth is a very clever way of tapping into both our narcissism and our almost-primal taste for voyeurism and exhibitionism — all of which are fundamental to the wearing, and selling, of erotic lingerie. It’s a very clever bit of marketing psychology, since it serves to normalize and even validate behavior that (let’s face it) you wouldn’t tell your mom or your pastor about.

Of course, this is not AP’s first attempt to mine our barely hidden taste for showing off in public. They kicked off the 2011 season with a saucy little film called “Watching Josephine”, in which viewers peeked through a hotel window to watch a woman undress; and last year they gave us the memorable series called Private Tapes involving videotaped hotel-room trysts that weren’t very private after all.

The Photo Shoot campaign so far features four videos (shown below) covering four spring lingerie ranges from Agent Provocateur: the fun, frilly Uschi, the polka-dot Laurie, the black stretch silk Lucinda, and the open-net Cindy.

Altogether, a whole lot of fun that pushes a few of our psycho-sexual buttons and is just ever-so-slightly NSFW.

I just hope that Agent Provocateur does NOT decide to start looking into what really goes on in department store change rooms!

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