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Pretty, delicate and feminine. The spring/summer 2011 collection from French lingerie designer Elise Aucouturier is irresistibly light and airy, designed for women who crave effortless chic Parisienne style.

Paris-born Elise Aucouturier launched her own line of distinctively French lingerie in 2001, after designing for major brands such as Christian Dior. Though thoroughly modern and elegant, there’s nothing flashy or bold about her pieces; soft hues and delicate lace comprise this girly collection.

EA’s Queen Sauvage range looks like summer. The pieces boast a soft floral print in decidedly non-childlike designs, paired with powder-pink lace that’s both innocent and flirtatious. Each separate can be purchased individually, making the set a mix-and-matcher’s dream.

The Brume collection (shown above) is a little sexier, with sheer grey lace pieces leaving little to the imagination. (Unless you layer, which is recommended if you want to embrace the underwear-as-outerwear trend.) A dark grey deep-V-neck chemise with lace accents is subtly seductive, and lightens up a lingerie wardrobe that needs a break from traditional black.

Epichic has a vintage feel, with ‘20s-inspired lace chemises and slips. It’s also one of the collections that offer ready-to-wear pieces; Elise’s creations challenge the line between bedroom and boardwalk.

The Chipie Britany collection is the perfect example of versatile lingerie-meets-dresses. An ivory, sleeved, lace-accented mini-dress could be worn to bed, at the beach (preferably along the Mediterranean) or on a baguette run in the sunshine. Hello, Bridget Bardot!

Freshen up your boudoir looks with an infusion of French prettiness. Shop for Elise Aucouturier at the brand’s online store, or make an excuse to jetset and shop like a starlet in Paris!

Chipie Britany
Queen Sauvage
Queen Sauvage
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