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Britain has a lot of talented lingerie designers, but I doubt there’s anyone as clever as Niki McMorrough, whose label Made by Niki finds surprising ways to distinguish itself in a crowded marketplace.

Other brands may be content to recycle the same old prints and ruffles each season, but Niki seems driven to come up with new products and styles that address the unique and changing needs of modern women.

We saw evidence of this last year when Made by Niki veered sharply away from its high-polished, erotic signature look and introduced Slinkies — a stylish and purpose-built line of compression garments that looked nothing like shapewear and were in fact aimed at the energetic club-girl market. More than a few sleek girdles and compression slips masqueraded as mini-skirts and even club dresses as a result of this happy mix of style and function.

Made by Niki’s latest brainstorm, the Knockout collection, takes that versatile “power lingerie” approach to the next level.

Fashion lingerie with a sportswear-like feel, the Knockout range is designed for active women with busy schedules and no room in their totes for a change of clothes. In other words, undies for today’s new breed of earthbound multi-tasking super-heroines.

Made from lightweight, quick-drying, odor-resistant fabric blends, the Knockout collection sounds like sportswear — until you look at the styles. These pieces are meant to work equally well at the gym or the office, during your noon hour yoga class, or after work when it’s time to dance.

There’s a wireless racerback top and a more supportive underwire bra, and bottoms are available in thong or brief styles with mesh panels for extra slimming help. The must-haves, though, will almost certainly be the lightweight dancing shorts and the highly versatile vest top, which also has control properties. This little number works on its own as a top, with suspenders, or as part of a layering ensemble that will get you through the day.

The product images below will give you a better sense of how much attention went into the construction of these versatile and ultra-modern pieces.

The Knockout collection, in black and silver, was scheduled to arrive in stores this week. Made by Niki’s collections are available worldwide and through its online shop. In the U.S. you’ll find her at Journelle, Faire Frou Frou and many other boutiques, and my Toronto pals can track her down at Secrets From Your Sister.

Knockout Soft Bra
Knockout Underwire Bra
Knockout Knicker
Knockout Thong
Knockout Vest Dress
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