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How Gaultier’s La Perla Collection Was Meant To Look
Posted by richard | March 21, 2011

When Jean Paul Gaultier‘s limited edition lingerie collection for La Perla finally reached the market a few months ago, it drew plenty of praise but a few quibbles as well. Sure, it would look fabulous on display at MOMA or the FIT museum, but was it actually wearable?

We’ve been waiting to seen some campaign shots from La Perla that addressed that question, or a magazine shoot that didn’t make Gaultier’s Createur collection look stiff and uncomfortable. And now we have one.

Here then, is how the ensemble was meant to look: from the April 2011 issue of Vogue China, model Arizona Muse wears three of Gaultier’s pieces as comfortably as a second skin. Yet it still comes across as sexy body armor for the new millennium — and just a little bit intimidating.

The Gaultier range, which was inspired by the designer’s costumes for Madonna’s Blonde Ambition tour, is a complex work of architecture. Silk braids on a tulle base layer create the zig-zag pattern used in the pieces shown above, giving the ensemble both its look and its structure.

This kind of set was always meant to be shown off, and given that a full kit will set you back close to $2,000, it’s probably a once-in-a-lifetime splurge for many women (or their gifters). In the photo above, AM wears the Createur waist cincher ($913), the conical bra ($525) and matching brief ($330).

Despite the price tag and its limited usefulness, the collection has had no trouble finding customers. Many pieces in the 20-item collection are selling out quickly and are now available in very limited size ranges. Your best bet is to check Net-a-Porter or La Perla’s U.S. site to see what’s left in this limited collection.

The image above comes from an editorial shoot called Sound of Silence, shot by the Italian team of photographer Paolo Roversi and stylist Nicoletta Santoro. It also features Arizona in other soft lingerie looks by Donna Karan, Jean Yu and others. (The same edition of Vogue China also features Scarlett Johannson in some sexy D&G pieces too.)

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