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Minuit Douze is a new line of silk lingerie aimed at the traveling woman who doesn’t worry about per diems — which, come to think of it, is probably the last thing on your mind in Monte Carlo.

The brainchild of Virginie Boeri Pesce, formerly of Monaco’s Misaki Jewellery, the Minuit Douze brand of lingerie and loungewear is looking to corner the market when it comes to the silk intimates that the sophisticated and affluent throw into their monogrammed weekenders before jetting off to farflung locales.

This brand-new line consists of pieces primarily crafted out of delicate materials like silk and chiffon, and will include panties, chemises and camisoles edged in lace. Minuit Douze aims to appeal to “businesswomen, diplomats, models, socialites, trendsetters or men seeking gifts.” The line will also feature accessories like small mirrors, sleep masks and slippers that will be sold in special kits.

According to company literature the first so-called “chapter” in the Minuit Douze collection is the Muses Parisiennes (“Parisian Muses”) collection, split up into three categories: the St. Germain, Jolie Môme and Le Dessous Chics lines.

St. Germain, the first of the lines, is a trendy one aimed at women in their twenties looking for fun and sexy lingerie in moodily sensual hues like violet, navy and black. While only limited photos are currently available of the Minuit Douze lingerie styles, the St. Germain collection includes tuxedo-inspired designs like the Jazz Line shorts with satin stripe, as well as silk-chiffon camisoles and jogging suits fashioned out of cashmere and silk. The floaty Bohème babydoll, shown in these first photos in a deep blue, is a perfect example of the youthful bohemian elegance that this line is inspired by.

The Jolie Môme pieces, designed with women from 25 to 35 in mind, will be largely available in pink and deep red in babydoll and balloon shapes. The silky Frou-Frou cami and feminine pink Piaf panties (see top photo) are just two examples of the types of styles this collection offers. The lingerie will include details like flirty mink pompoms, and silk and cashmere loungewear trimmed with satin ribbon. Inspired by the arty Montmartre district in Paris, the line is infused with a “cheeky chic and sensual grace.”

The last of the Parisian Muses lines, Dessous Chics, is aimed at sophisticated women in their 30s and 40s who are looking for undergarments with a more grown-up feel. In this line one will find classy pieces in pearl grey and beige (not to mention blue trimmed in black lace, like the Boudoir chemise with slit) that will include bodysuits, silk kimonos and camisoles, cashmere loungewear and pieces featuring removable silk camelias. It shouldn’t be lost on the women Minuit Douze is targeting that the camelia is also Chanel’s signature flower.

In addition to beautiful pieces, the company hopes to catch the imagination of customers by spinning stories of sophisticated and fascinating women and how they live their lives wearing Minuit Douze lingerie. While the Minuit Douze website is still under construction, and information on where the line will be available remains sketchy, for the time being you can enjoy these first looks from their premiere collection as well as a behind-the-scenes video of the campaign shoot.

St-Germain Bohème babydoll

St-Germain Bohème cami and shorts

St-Germain Jazz Line shorts, top and kimono

Jolie Môme Frou-Frou kimono and thong

Jolie Môme Flore cardigan and Bohème cami

Dessous Chic Camélia camisole and panties

Dessous Chic Boudoir chemise and Faubourg cardigan

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