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Mark Fast’s Knitted Etch-a-Sketch Bra
Posted by richard | March 11, 2011

Mark Fast‘s womenswear fashions are masterpieces of imagination and engineering, combined. After all, it’s one thing for a designer like Fast to draw his futuristic, etch-a-sketch visions and quite another to find knitting machines that can reproduce them faithfully.

The Canadian-born designer is well-known for his stunning crochet-like dresses and, more recently, his foray into leather-knitwear combinations in collaboration with the Canadian leather brand Danier.

The only downside to Fast’s creations is the price tag (dresses can hit the $000s), but the designer addressed that issue last fall with his lower-priced Faster by Mark Fast line of sleek knitted bodywear pieces.

The armour-like piece above is a stylish and functional favorite from the Faster label’s classics collection that can be paired with almost any kind of top — or shown off in public.

The black elastromeric bra top is a ribbed knit made from stretch polycotton and holds its shape as firmly as a sports bra. Its name seems to suggest this top will have a rubbery feel but somehow the cotton blend dominates, so you won’t feel like you’re in a wetsuit!

Better still is the price: you can pick one of these up for about $250 through or at retailers such as Barney’s (US), The Room (Canada) or international e-boutique

Below are model shots showing the bra top from front and back, and a candid of UK model Daisy Lowe wearing the piece in public.

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