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Kiss Me Deadly’s Lusty Seven Deadly Sins
Posted by connie | March 10, 2011

British lingerie brand Kiss Me Deadly is known for their great retro pieces, mostly garters, girdles and bras. For Fall-Winter 2010 the label reinforced their image as a vintage-inspired brand with product images based on World War II ads. Now, KMD is back with a new spring called, appropriately, Seven Deadly Sins.

While appreciating Kiss Me Deadly’s new lingerie styles is easy, identifying just which sin is represented in each picture is more difficult. Lust and envy seem to be covered across the board, but the others are harder to see. Grapes for gluttons? Is it vain to drape yourself in pearls? We’re not sure, but had fun perusing the images all the same.

The limited edition Candy Bow (above) went on sale in February and is a deceptively innocent looking black-and-pink set featuring a bow print and sheer panels. The longline underwire Candy Bow Bra, based on KMD’s Van Doren, features lingerie net in back and looks great paired with the reversible knickers (one side is printed, the other black). Wear the sheer panel or don’t, that’s up to you.

According to Kiss Me Deadly the Black and Red Jolie set represents the sin of Lust and it’s not hard to see why. This 40s-inspired set features a suspender belt with built-in boning and a midi-line bra in satin. Little details like the contrast stitching and bows really make this look interesting. The briefs are also improved from the original Jolie style, with more coverage overall. KMD also introduced the new Red Longline Girdle (shown with the Jolie), which has only been produced in very limited quantities.

Due out in March is the Lilac Roll-On Girdle and the sexy and functional Multiway Vargas is set to be available in April. If you’d like one of these styles for yourself, keep in mind that most of KMD’s pieces are limited editions that tend to sell out fairly quickly.

Recently, Kiss Me Deadly launched a collaboration with Fairy GothMother/Lulu and Lush as a response to KMD customers clamoring for corsets. Now you can purchase corsets at Lulu and Lush made specifically to match Kiss Me Deadly lingerie (like the FGM Jolie).

It seems that Kiss Me Deadly is intent on giving women everywhere the tools needed to inspire those deadly sins of envy and lust — and more.

Black and Red Jolie Set

Lilac Roll-On Girdle

Red Longline Girdle

Multiway Vargas

Jolie Black Set
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