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The most original photo campaign of the new season belongs to Yes Master, the edgy UK lingerie label with a fondness for big concepts and dramatic statement lingerie.

We haven’t seen the lookbook for Yes Master’s fall-winter collection yet, but that’s no reason not to share its photo campaign now. Perhaps by fall we’ll have figured it all out!

The campaign features the otherworldly effects of photographer Paulina Otylie Surys, who has placed her YM model in a woodland setting and then hand-tinted the resulting images. The poses suggest a religious or devotional theme — think pagan worship as captured by Pre-Raphaelite painters, tripping on hallucinogens.

All of this is very heady stuff, but that’s what we like about Yes Master: designer Igor Pacemski‘s collections are always about something (remember last fall’s shocking and brilliant tribute to ’60s fashion trailblazer Donyale Luna?). This is lingerie that doubles as a conversation starter.

The fall collection is bound to draw plenty of attention, too.

The collection is called Glamery, a very archaic word that is the root of the equally obscure glamoury: the mystical art of creating spells that bewitch the senses and ‘glamourize’ the subject to attract suitors. Long before there was makeup and hair color and cosmetic surgery, this is how women enchanted men.

Yes Master draws its inspiration from the ‘white magic’ of female alchemists (and their colorful bottled love potions, above) as well as celestial star patterns that favored romance.

The new collection features two ranges: the Black Label line, which includes a magnificent Swarovski-encrusted night-sky print (which we’ve seen); and the Contemporary Boudoir range with a color palette bearing names like White Magic, Hubble Bubble and Volcanic Passion.

Yes Master innocently describes their new collection as “luxury basics for day or dressed up for the evening,” but based on what we’ve seen so far, it’ll be a lot more than that.

Igor Pacemski is becoming the mad scientist of the luxury lingerie world: always exploring, always provocative, and always concocting something new from unlikely sources. And, once again, his young label may have the most talked-about collection of the year.

Here’s the new photo campaign for Glamery. Watch for product information coming soon.

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