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Photographers crowded around Lily for a chance to get a shot of me taking a picture of them looking silly crowded around Lily.

Victoria’s Secret Angel Lily Aldridge paid a visit to Toronto last week to promote the brand’s newly enhanced collection of Incredible bras and to meet fans at the VS store in the city’s downtown Eaton Centre mall.

Shoppers had a chance to meet the supermodel and pose for pictures, and Lily took it all with a lot of class — ignoring the fact she was missing all the fun at Paris Fashion Week or the opening of a new VS store in New York’s SoHo district.

We’ll let the pictures tell the story, but the question has to be asked: can ANY other fashion brand draw such a crowd simply by letting the public meet its models?

Doppio Bust Sizes Bigger: Lily took time to introduce a new VS product in Toronto, the Miraculous® mocha latté with VerySexy® cream and Incredible® sprinkles. Tastes great, but smells like the perfume.

Make Sure Ed Sees This: Lily obligingly sat for photos with countless VS shoppers. We’re told she gets 15 cents commission for every bra sold during a visit, and an extra nickel for every pic taken. Of course, that’s US currency, which isn’t worth so much up here.

No, It’s Not An ‘All-Access’ Pass: What do Lily Aldridge and Kings of Leon have in common? Stop sniggering. The answer is ‘tickets’! You need one to see either. These Toronto girls couldn’t be happier to wait their turn in line.

Not HIM Again: Just your luck. You’ve finally made it to the front of the line at the VS store when who walks by but Justin Bieber. Seriously, the kid is a shopaholic, and the Eaton Centre has 63 different sneaker stores. But we love him: the best thing to come out of Canada since, well, Victoria’s Secret came into it.
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