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A few days ago we looked at some of Nichole de Carle‘s spectacular strappy creations, including a couple with very provocative names: her Last Testament and Westminster Abbey lines. Talk about asking for trouble: erotic underthings named after a Christian sacrament and one of the church’s holiest sites (where monarchs and poets are buried and Wills and Kate will be hitched).

But de Carle has nothing on hip UK designer SImon Preen when it comes to goading the clergy: his stunning Body of Christ bodysuit combines the secular and the sacred in a way that will make more than a few nuns blush.

Is this sacrilege? Heresy? Perhaps, but if you’re the kind of person offended by such things, chances are you weren’t in the market for a mesh bodysuit in the first place.

The black jersey/cotton and mesh piece with the crucifix imprint on both front and back retails for £ 75 and is available exclusively through, a new e-boutique that showcases original young British designers. Good news for Americans: S&S ships to the U.S., although we don’t expect this piece to stay on the shelves for long.

Preen, who formerly worked for Bordelle, can be found in trendy boutiques in England and Europe, but he is probably best known for an exclusive line of very compelling streetwear pieces done for Urban Outfitters in the UK (but not the U.S. stores).

His young label uses an inverted crucifix as its logo and Preen likes to work with modern fabrics and bold black-and-white lines. You can see cross imagery in a number of his fashion pieces for 2011 here.

If you’re worried about an eternity of hellfire and damnation, or if the Body of Christ bodysuit is simply a bit too much for you, Preen has some terrific pieces that are just as stylish and easier on the soul. Here’s a selection of his latest work, including the just-as-tantalizing, but slightly less outré, Tribal mesh bodysuit, below.

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