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British lingerie designers have got it all figured out. Many of the same labels that, ahem, played such a key role in your courtship have designed special bridal collections to help keep the sparks flying during your honeymoon.

The UK boasts some of the most erotic and romantic designer brands in contemporary lingerie — and don’t for one second think they tone down the …

Seems like only yesterday that we were writing about the newest push-up bra from Victoria’s Secret; in fact, it was three weeks ago. Don’t these people ever take holidays?

Hot on the heels of its newly revamped Incredible collection, the irrepressible retailer is back with its latest concoction, the Gorgeous. Or, as tweet-talking teens everywhere will surely call it, the Gorge. (As …

Finally, Boux Avenue’s Big Reveal
Posted by richard | March 31, 2011

A big tease only works if there’s an equally big payoff at the end. And that’s exactly what British women are expecting when the curtain finally rises this week on Boux Avenue, the UK’s newest lingerie retail powerhouse.

Boux Avenue has been tantalizing shoppers for at least six months with a peek-a-boo marketing campaign that has so far revealed very little about the brand …

Stella McCartney Lingerie – 2011 (video)
Posted by LT Staff | March 30, 2011

Stella McCartney this week released a video to accompany the memorable campaign shoot for its Spring 2011 lingerie collection. No explanation why the vid is just making its debut, four+ months after the images were released.

No matter. The video below, featuring model Hannah Holman, gives viewers a closer look at some of Stella’s scrumptuous spring styles. Enjoy!

Looking for a quick way to add a burst of color to your spring wardrobe? Just try slipping into this super-pretty ensemble from the Something Else diffusion line by Else Lingerie.

The delightfully airy ‘Chick Flick‘ range is a playful candy-stripe pattern that blends shades of purple and pink, and comes in a soft bra, relaxed shorts (above) and a cami (below right). …

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