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Elisabetta Canalis for Cavalli Lingerie
Posted by connie | February 4, 2011

Roberto Cavalli seems to have an affinity for sultry, dark haired women. Gorgeous Laetitia Casta was recently announced as the face for the designer’s Diva handbag line and Cavalli also just confirmed that Sardinian bombshell Elisabetta Canalis will be returning as the face of Roberto Cavalli lingerie.

Of the Italian beauty, who was also the star of last season’s Cavalli lingerie ads, the designer says she is his “ideal of a woman: charm, charisma and sensuality, united together.” Cavalli goes on to say that “Elisabetta Canalis and I have been friends for a while now, we’ve worked together in the past, and once again during this shoot she was perfect in enhancing the spirit of this advertising campaign. With her Mediterranean beauty and intense gaze she’s interpreted an intriguing and super-feminine woman.”

It’s quite obvious that Cavalli, famous for his sexy and glamorous designs, knows exactly what George Clooney sees in his hot gal pal.

A teaser image from the new ad campaign featuring Canalis was just released (above), showing the model-actress lounging on richly hued fabrics in a tiger-print bra and underwear set. The ad, shot by Mert and Marcus in London, has a distinctly Asian influence and is meant to convey both sensuality and mystery. Both of which we expect from Roberto Cavalli’s 2011 lingerie collection. Canalis herself looks flawless, but how much of that is courtesy of photoshop we’ll leave it to you to decide.

Cavalli also released some behind-the-scenes photos of the making of the ad, as well as a video shot on set — all of which you can find below. Enjoy!

Plenty to Love in Fortnight’s Spring Line
Posted by richard | February 4, 2011

Fortnight Lingerie of Toronto is probably better known for its viral video hits of 2010 (remember Super Sexy CPR?) than for its lingerie catalogue, but that’s sure to change.

Fortnight’s SS2011 collection is a carefully considered expansion of its original line of satin and mesh separates that debuted about a year ago. That early range hinted at Fortnight’s flair for innovation in both design and use of fabrics, and the new collection sees designer Christina Remenyi pushing the envelope in several directions.

The spring collection includes several terrific bodysuits involving very creative fabric pairings (something that has become a Fortnight signature).

The shimmering body from the new Ginger line (see photos below) feels like a foundation piece but looks like high-end swimwear. In contrast, the Rita body combines lace and mesh for a very elegant, European look. And you can see the same kind of creative thinking in the Faye bodysuit, from a new style range made from lace and a power-stretch fabric called Tencel.

Altogether, there are five new ranges in Fortnight’s SS2011 collection, each of which reveals the work of a designer who thinks a lot about finding comfortable undergarment solutions that fit snugly and look stunning. There’s nothing copycat about Fortnight at all, but the design aesthetic will remind you of the Parisian brand Eres, with its relentless pursuit of innovation in both styles and material.

A good example of this is Fortnight’s “partial” bra (right), which shows up in a couple of style ranges. It’s a clever piece, something like a balconet bra, in which all the support is in the band and lower cup, with the top part of the cup featuring highly decorative lace. This is a piece meant to peek out from low-neck tops or dresses — and a great solution for girls who aren’t completely ready to embrace the underwear-outerwear trend.

For existing fans of this label, Fortnight has kept some its popular early pieces, notably the Sophie and Greta lines from last year that included satin bras and a nice long-line soft cup.

There’s also a couple of complete surprises — the simple, figure-hugging Audrey chemise with an open back, and the Shirley satin lounging robe in black or white.

Fortnight’s biggest problem last year was keeping up with demand after its video hits quickly turned the label from a one-woman local DIY project into a bona fide fashion brand. The company has grown since then, with expanded distribution high on its priority list. New York and Miami lingeristas will soon be able to find Fortnight at Journelle stores in both cities, and in L.A. it’ll be stocked by Panty Raid. Fortnight is also offered by the wonderful Portland online shop Lille Boutique, and there are now numerous stockists across Canada.

And Canadian fans who want to learn and see more are in for a treat: tonight (Feb. 4), the entertainment show E-Talk Daily is featuring Fortnight Lingerie in one of its segments. That’s at 7 p.m. our time, but check your local listings.

Ginger bodysuit
Rita bodysuit
Rita longline mesh bra
Greta classic satin bra
Audrey chemise
Audrey chemise
Rita lace triangle bra & bikini
Elizabeth partial bra & high-waist knickers
Faye bodysuit
Rita champagne shorts

Lingerie is a great gift choice for Valentine’s Day, but many men find themselves at a loss deciding just what to purchase for the women in their lives. Sure, men know what they want, but does that correspond to the type of lingerie that their honey also favors?

One easy way to figure out what style your woman prefers is to use what she already has as a jumping off point. Another option? Try buying lingerie based on your sweetheart’s personality type.

We’ve put together some lingerie gift choices for a wide range of personalities below. See which one suits your sweetie best. (Oh, and if you’re still stuck, you can’t go wrong with the special V-Day Love knickers from Lascivious in the photo above!)

The Fashionista
This woman is all about the latest trends, limited edition lingerie and labels. If your lady always likes to look put together and in style then she’ll likely fit into this category. For this type of woman choose lingerie by a well known clothing designer, like this flesh-colored silk-braided tulle bra, corset and brief set from the Jean Paul Gaultier collection for La Perla (from net-a-porter.com). She’ll love unwrapping this high fashion statement lingerie from one of the great couturiers of our time.

The Tomboy
If she prefers comfort to fashion and often opts for menswear-inspired styles and the function of sportswear then your lady can likely be classified as a Tomboy. Look for lingerie that is made of soft materials (forget any kind of scratchy lace) or pieces made from technologically advanced fabrics that are perfect to wear during activities. Victoria’s Secret has an entire line of cotton lingerie perfect for this type of woman or opt for a sporty racerback bra (ideal for wearing under tanks) in a revolutionary material that’s both seamless and comfortable.

The Traditionalist
This woman will use her grandmother’s china and goes all out for the holidays. Sound familiar? There’s a good chance that your lady is a Traditionalist who will value classic cuts and lingerie designs that never go out of style. For Valentine’s Day a Traditionalist will also appreciate lingerie in the colors meant for the holidays–namely red and pink with some black thrown in.

This Elle Macpherson boudoir set is the perfect example of how to do traditional without being too literal (think lingerie festooned with hearts). The delicate scalloped lace and the smooth silk-satin will appeal to your lady’s classic side, while to her the bright red will read absolutely perfect for Valentine’s Day. Think this might be too racy for your traditional lady? Try a gorgeous silk pajama set or robe instead.

The Rebel
If your girl likes to break the rules and live on the wild side then you’ll want to buy her lingerie to match her risk taking personality. Forget anything traditional or too feminine, instead go for something edgy like Agent Provocateur’s Deliah Waspie, $250. You can also always add in a toy or two to spice things up.

The Romantic
Similar to the Traditionalist, but just multiply the feminine frills tenfold. Valentine Day’s is likely the Romantic’s favorite holiday and she loves lingerie that makes her feel feminine and special. Anything with lace, florals, soft fabrics and pastels will appeal to her nature.

Another good option for a romantic woman is to buy vintage-inspired lingerie, like a balconette bra or bloomers. A perfect example of ideal styles for a Romantic is Roksanda Ilincic’s dreamy and whimsical collection for Damaris, like the Spring Rose Set seen here. A lace-trimmed set by Stella McCartney would also do the trick.

The Tease
Does your lady like to tease and tempt? Then she likely has a bit of Dita von Teese running through her veins, so why not buy her some Valentine’s Day lingerie to match? Yandy.com has an entire burlesque-inspired line of lingerie to choose from, including this Boned Betty Corset. A modern option is Kiki de Montparnasse’s sexy leather corset belt.

The Minimalist
Looking at clothing and furniture styles is an easy way to spot a Minimalist. If the woman in your life likes sharp lines, muted shades and functional pieces then she likely falls into this type. Don’t bother with the frills, instead go for lingerie that suits her clean esthetic.

VPL offers an entire line of lingerie, like this Beckham Lilac Bra and Undi, with the architectural lines and natural colors that would appeal to any Minimalist.

The Naughty Girl
If you’re buying for a lady who is open, adventurous and more than a little bit naughty then the choices really are endless.

A great idea is to purchase from a lingerie line that is classy rather than all-out trashy–think Bordelle, which offers a variety of items from this Angela Bandage Dress to pieces that cover a lot less skin.

Do write me a love poem. Do serenade me. Do send flowers. Don’t ever wear granny panties. And don’t bring your mother on our date.

These and other helpful tips come courtesy of Victoria’s Secret, which put together this cute video of four of their Angels reciting a series of Valentine’s Do’s and Don’ts.

No surprises, but it’s fun to watch Adriana, Erin, Lily and Candice batting lines back and forth like tennis balls.

Best moment? Erin: “Don’t expect him to love Valentine’s Day as much as you do.” To which Adriana snorts, “MAKE him love Valentine’s Day!”

Canadian girls, there’s a new lingerie label in town, and it’s coming to you with love.

Toronto-based With Love Lingerie is off to a good start with two very different style ranges: the cheery Bloom line with its bright floral print, and the darkly seductive Femme line of erotic black separates. That’s the distinctive Bloom bustier in the photo above; you can probably guess from the photos below which pieces belong to which line!

With Love founder Carrie Russell also conducts popular make-your-own lingerie sewing classes in Toronto. Check the company’s website to learn more.

But first, Carrie shares with us the story behind her irresistibly romantic new line. Get ready to swoon.

LT: What’s your background? What inspired you to pursue lingerie design?

Carrie: I went to UWO and earned a BA is English and Visual Arts, and from there I went to college for Fashion Design and Construction. Throughout design school I loved playing with the relationship that clothing and personality play a role in our lives. There is no piece of clothing more intimate than lingerie, so I am attracted to creating garments that allow modern women to express themselves, for themselves. We go through our days and seldom does anyone know what is under our outer garments. We hold a tantalizing secret, a secret that lies somewhere between our skin and our silks.

Why “With Love”? What motivated you to start your own line?
I have worked as a successful lingerie designer for other companies in the past and feel it is time to express what my idea of lingerie is. I’ve matured and feel ready to take on the demands that accompany starting your own business. There is a definite challenge in wearing all the hats that are required but it is so rewarding to see my true point of view come to life in the form of lingerie.

What inspires each collection?
Between designing collections I act as a sponge. Initially I don’t directly dedicate my mind to designing the line; I read, watch programs, browse the boutiques and take time to socialize. It is amazing how many ideas come to me while sharing a bottle of wine with the girls! Listening to their stories about life in the city is by far the most inspiring.

Who is your dream customer?
My dream customer is in her early 30s, she has come to love herself, both body and mind, and wants to treat herself to something intimate, delicate and made with care. She loves being a woman and is able to balance the demands of modern urban life with her personal sphere. She has a sense of humor, whimsy and likes a bit of mystery.

The label is super-new. What are your short- and/or long-term goals for With Love?
Short term I want to increase With Love’s exposure and partner with more boutiques without sacrificing the intimate and personal appeal of the company. Long-term, I’d like the company to be embraced by women internationally.

Tell us about your lingerie-making classes. Who is your typical student?
The lessons are a riot! We work our way through panties, bras, bustier and slips. I’ve partnered with Dilys Tong and Lindsey Wise from Sew Be It Studios on Eglinton Ave, so the students just bring an interest and a smile and we provide the space and supplies. The philosophies of S.B.I.S and With Love overlap in the sense that we love promoting healthy female relationships and self-esteem.

I’d love to pin down a typical student but the registrants range from high school students to mothers and even grandmothers! We’ve seen a growing interest in the lessons within groups of girlfriends in their 20’s and 30’s who come to learn together. But more amazing is that I’ve seen many friendships form in the classes between women that probably would never have met but for taking the classes.

Why is the Canadian fashion community so important to you?
The Canadian fashion community is small but mighty. It is surprising how many design studios and specialty manufactures are still running in the country. Since the community is relatively small there are great organizations that have formed to push and expose the talent that resides in the major urban centers. Here in Toronto, I am an active member of Toronto Fashion Incubator and they are a wonderful resource for designers and they are always promoting the Canadian design community.

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