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I think it’s time for an intervention — a yoga-pant intervention, that is. Not one day goes by in which I don’t see a gazillion women clad in yoga pants, and I blame Lululemon for this lazy loungewear epidemic. While the dimple-smoothing pants are quite fine for around the house or cottage, or actual fitness, do the black boot-cut pants really need to make an appearance everywhere? Even in the bedroom?!

But there is an antidote to these generic Lycra pants — loungerie by Kriss Soonik. What exactly is loungerie you ask? Quite simply, ‘loungerie is luxe loungewear at its freshest, blurring the boundaries with fashion’. It is loungewear with an edge.

The designer, Kriss Soonik, launched her eponymous label in 2008 showcasing her fresh take on ‘underwear as outerwear’. A native of Estonia, Soonik’s lingerie draws inspiration from some pretty interesting sources: Manga comics, super heroines and cult films that challenge the traditional notions associated with lingerie. Yep, Soonik is one cool chick.

For her 2011 spring/summer collection, The Odd Couple, Soonik has created a mainly black and white collection with punchy coral accents. Remaining true to her aesthetic, many of the items within the collection feature her signature cat motif, or plump bow in patent leather, chiffon, satin or silk.

Last year, Soonik produced a fashion show in London for the 2011 collection that featured a bevy of models bouncing down the runway to Lenny Kravitz and New Kids on the Block, with Brigitte Bardot  and 60s Bond girls-inspired makeup and hair. At the beginning of the show an amorous male model in stag mask and female model sat on swings, and only at the end of the show did the male model remove the stag mask to reveal a handsome face, showing that sometimes even the oddest choices in love can be the best ones. Hence the Odd Couple title.

But returning to the lingerie, many of Soonik’s pieces can be worn in the bedroom as well as (gasp!) the real world. No, I’m not suggesting you wear the Susan Motion Reversible Lace Bodysuit à la Lady Gaga, but rather, tucked under a high-waisted pair of jeans or skirt would look très chic. Other honorable mentions include the Grecian-esque Francesca Pyjama (top photo), the Kriste Handpleated Top (very on point with the sheer trend) and 60s-inspired Greta Coat!

So ditch the Lycra wear (for at least one day, k?), and embrace loungewear that is not only comfy but very cool.

Kriss Soonik can be found online at, or visit to locate a stockist nearest you.

Below are images from the 2011 collection.

Susan Chic lace body
Susan Motion reversible body
Silvia Mesh set
Maike top and knickers
Kriste hand-pleated top
Kristel lace suspender top
Inge wrap
Greta coat
Diana kimono wrap
Bridget body
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