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Elle Mac’s Beautiful Blue Valentine
Posted by nadine | February 11, 2011

Elle Macpherson Intimates is one of those go-to lingerie lines we can’t get enough of. Maybe it’s because Elle herself, still known in the modeling industry and beyond as The Body at the age of almost-49, knows a woman’s curves, or maybe it’s because we want her ageless curves to be ours. Either way, the upcoming Spring Summer 2011 collection, called Fly Butterfly Fly, is sure to claim most of our spending money.

The Aussie label has plenty in store for spring, including several new style ranges in the main collection, an upcoming bridal collection and several enhancements (so to speak) to its increasing popular D-G line for bustier women.

EMI’s biggest move, though, is its least interesting one, from a fashion standpoint. The label last month introduced Bare & Bold, a new collection of seamless T-shirt bras and coordinates that are functional and comfortable but completely lacking in the kind of stylistic flourish women have come to expect from this brand. Photos of the new B&B line are at the bottom of this post.

Nevertheless, there’s plenty to drool over in Elle’s main collection for spring, which includes the exquisite colorways and understated frills that are the brand’s hallmarks. For example, who can resist the stretch lace Spree bra above, in something called “superhero blue”. It offers a fun pop of color for any lingerie collection and it wouldn’t be the worst thing if the lace peeked out from under your blouse. I mean, Clark Kent had his blue undershirt secret, so why shouldn’t you?

A few more items from the Elle Macpherson SS2011 line that you’ll be making room for in your lingerie drawer:

Lily Pond
Soft purple in stretch lace with satin trim makes for a subtly sexy set. The joy of Elle’s pieces is that they’re gorgeous on their own, and sleek and comfortable enough for daily wear.

Cloud Swing
This balconette bra and panty set has contrasting details, perfect for modern fashionistas who like retro throwbacks in their unmentionables wardrobe. (Note: Cloud Swing is totally sweet and mentionable.) The Cloud Swing chemise (above), from Elle’s Afterwear collection, is perfect for both lounging and seducing. You’ll find yourself humming “I Feel Pretty.” No one will blame you.

Dentelle’s midnight shade (officially called “jet blue”) points to romantic nights and mystery. The rigid lace enhances your shape and won’t let you down. Literally.

Fly Butterfly Fly
Fly Butterfly Fly is, perhaps, the most woman-friendly design out there. This set is available in the main range, the D-G range and in maternity sizing. Just because you’re hard to fit elsewhere doesn’t mean that you’ll be stuck in something unsexy here. The contrasting lace distracts from the fact that the contour bra is strategically constructed to make sure you look and feel like a supermodel.

Check out the collection online, where you’ll find these and other new style ranges for spring. Elle Macpherson Intimates is available in boutiques and department stores nationwide. Find out what all the (warranted) hype is about for yourself.

Now, some pics of the new Bare & Bold seamless collection:

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