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Oh, New York, we understand you’re under a blanket of snow right now and everyone’s hibernating, but please don’t hate us for posting sunny pictures of a lingerie-clad model at Coney Island!

Blame (or thank!) Between The Sheets powerhouse duo Layla L’Obatti and Josh Verleun (below), who have just released their S/S2011 lookbook, which offers a more extended peek than what we showed you in our recent Bright Young Things feature.

The collection follows the label’s successful aesthetic formula of breezy cotton and jersey separates that transition from the bedroom to the boardwalk. Soft bralettes and plunge V-neck tees are offered in beachy colors of soft sand, sea blue and sunny tangerine. The items are perfect to pack for an effortless, sunny getaway wardrobe which, for New Yorkers (and most Canadians for that matter), is an indulgent necessity around this time.

But perhaps the most exciting news, which was alluded to with their cliffhanger at the end of the BYT interview, is that Layla and Josh will be appearing on a new reality television series! The show, All on the Line, is hosted by Elle magazine’s Creative Director Joe Zee (a Canuck, did you know?!), and features struggling designers who receive the chance to pitch their collections to a major store.

Being the only lingerie designer on the list — others include Project Runway veteran Kara Janx — has its definite perks, but while we don’t want to think of the lovely Layla L’Obatti as struggling, we do understand the impact the economic downturn has had on emerging and/or indie designers. You can bet that we’ll be rooting for the couple week after week (I am, after all, a reality TV freak and adored Joe Zee on The City).

Layla also created a special collection of intimates for the show that she’ll be able to reveal after the series airs, which we will definitely keep you posted on.

So mark your calendars for March 29, when All on the Line debuts on the Sundance Channel!

Psst! You can also support Layla by visiting her site at, where there are a ton of beautiful pieces sure to please any Valentine sweetie.

Here are some images from the new BTS lookbook. Doesn’t it just ooze urban summer?!

3 Responses to “Move Over, RHBH: Layla L’Obatti May Be the Next Reality TV Star!”

  1. Liv says:

    I just watched the episode of All On The Line. The clothes she presented were mediocre and boring. …I just want to take your boyfriend and set him free.

  2. Flo says:

    I completely agree with Liv above. I think her boyfriend was dropped when he was a baby. He needs to have some kind of self-confident boost. The clothes or whatever she calls lingerie is something I can get in Victoria Secrets. She is playing fashion designer and she found a boyfriend that is willing pay for her fun games. I thought Josh had the same idea and concept with Joe Zee. He is getting himself so much in debt (His personal loans and credit cards) for HER business and his opinions doesn’t even matter!

  3. Josh Verleun says:

    Thank you to Lingerie Talk for taking the time to write this article and thank you to all the commenters for caring enough about what you saw on the episode to voice your opinion.

    Layla and I knew the risks and rewards when we decided to go into business together. And after 2 years in business, an experience that has torn apart many couples, we are happy to say we are still if not more in love.

    All of this speculation and judgment about our relationship and lives beyond what you saw of us on the show is not unexpected, but has been both disappointing and disturbing.

    Contrary to what was portrayed I am not a “bottomless wallet” nor a “doormat”. Indeed over the course of the weeks that we filmed I frequently spoke up and for reasons of my own expressed my disagreement with the path that was laid for us by Joe, the network, and the producers.

    Layla and I have both invested our savings and many hours in this business. In reality I have a day job, so her more hours than me, but that only makes sense since she is the designer and this is her dream, but I have wholeheartedly embraced it as my own as well.

    At this point we would like to move on from this experience. We have and continue to take great care in growing our business and part of that includes keeping relationships with buyers and press, and as the article remarks, those who know us or who have interacted with us know the characters that have been depicted in this show are not really who we are.

    If you want to learn more about me you can visit my website and contact me directly. Any comments will be read and I will respond to all that are written respectfully.

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