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Etam’s Colorful Spring Parade (video)
Posted by richard | January 25, 2011

It used to be the only thing a poor spring lamb had to worry about was getting trussed up on a rack and served with mint jelly. But nowadays, in France at least, you could also end up as a fashion accessory … temporarily.

A couple of little fellas were spared the guillotine last night when they hit the runway as part of Etam‘s 2011 Défilé, or Love Parade.

The catwalk show was held at Paris’s Grand Palais and streamed live on Facebook and Etam’s website. The show profiled Etam’s SS2011 line of intimates, swimwear and some clothing pieces, and featured appearances by The Kills, Beth Ditto, Karen Elson and others.

Enjoy these images from what was a lively exhibition — very a propos for spring! And keep an eye out for lots of interesting accessories — the striped spats and neon orange lip gloss being our favorites.

Now, someone needs to tell those lambs there’s no future in modeling …

[Ed. Note: Just added a “best of” video below. Watch for Kate Moss in the crowd plus a ripping vocal from Beth D!]

Défilé Etam Lingerie 2011 – Best of
Uploaded by Etam. – Classic TV and last night's shows, online.

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