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Peace & Love: A Breathtaking New Blend from Mint Siren
Posted by richard | January 20, 2011

We have some stunning preview images today from the SS2011 lingerie collection by the cutting-edge UK label Mint Siren.

You’ll see some familiar elements in these designs, though I doubt they’ve ever been used in such combination before. Serious leather harnesses and suspenders … paired up with dreamy, ultra-light stretch silks. And yes, that’s suede in the third photo below. Suede, in a lingerie collection!

The SS2011 line represents a big change in direction for Mint Siren and designer Josefine Wing, whose recent collections have been hugely influential, especially among independent luxury lingerie labels.

Her last collection (photo below) was filled with bold statement pieces — open cup bras, backless briefs, sheer mesh bodysuits, and plenty of complex accessorizing with almost every piece. Very fashion-forward stuff for take-charge gals.

In contrast, the SS2011 line is sentimental and understated in almost every way: exquisitely soft fabrics, minimalist lines and a palette of subtle earth tones are Mint Siren’s new calling cards.

Oh, but don’t forget for those signature Mint Siren straps and riggings which, when combined with the soft underlayers, create a truly memorable juxtaposition.

Wing says the SS2011 line (which won’t be released for a couple of months) was inspired by the 1970s (hence the suede fringe top!) “and that generation of people who fought to stay in contact with nature.” The two sets in the new collection are called, appropriately, Peace and Love.

Whether Mint Siren’s customers will choose to mix these new pieces in the ways shown here remains to be seen, since they also work well on their own. The ecru tank/brief combined with the studded leather girdle in the main photo above is a brilliant combo, as is the tie-up bandeau straps matched with the black harness below — although any combination is sure to make an impression.

The touching images below are by Swiss photographer Emilie Muller. Enjoy!

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