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Get the Black Swan Boudoir Look!
Posted by amy | January 19, 2011

Here’s a quick Oscars quiz: what two best-picture contenders from 2010 were especially relevant to the lingerie world? (And please don’t say Burlesque and SATC2 — I said best picture!)

The answer: Black Swan, of course, with its endless parade of bodysuits and tutus; and The Social Network, which if you’ll recall featured a couple of Victoria’s Secret models in the role of geek arm candy.

Whether you’re going to an Oscars party or just planning to spend Oscar night on the couch, why not dress for the occasion? We found these totally adorable pieces from the UK knickers label Strumpet and Pink, which seem to capture the duality that is central to Natalie Portman’s character in Black Swan.

S&P’s Swan’s Tale knickers are made from 100% silk tulle and lined with silk satin. They feature four covered button fasteners on either side plus seed pearl detail in front — and of course the sweet satin ribbon in back. They’re available in either black or white, depending on which side of Natalie’s character you feel more in touch with come Oscar night!

These handmade delicacies will set you back about $500 and you’ll want to order now to ensure delivery in time for awards night. Best place to look is Glamorous Amorous.

And don’t forget — you can complete the look with Myla’s 10th anniversary feathered bra, which we wrote about earlier!

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